Graphic Video Emerges of Father Shot While Walking With His Daughter… BLM SILENT

Some communities have had horrible spikes in violence because of attacks on police. In some cases it’s double and even tripled. This will likely continue with police being defunded. The irony is the BLM crowd is silent. BLM has zero interest in what’s probably another black on black crime. If it was consistent, BLM would be protesting in cities with massive black on black death. But it’s not. BLM is only after tearing down the US, not with racial justice.

Both BLM and Democrats, de Blasio are silent

Democrats are hiding. They can’t deal with the moral absolute of death. They have to look the other way at the death their policies cause.

Anybody donating to BLM also donates to the DNC. The Democrats have incentive to remain silent. It keeps the money rolling in.

If Black Lives Mattered, they’d lose their minds over that shooting

The six year old was probably trained to run the other direction from any shots to remain alive. This is a safety feature, a survival tactic. Get away from death to remain alive.

On June 29, 2020 over 110 people had been gunned down in New York City over a scant nine days. Maybe De Blasio is figuring they’ll just kill themselves off in particular sections. The spike started with police being defunded.

If people can leave, they need to in order to stay alive

And research to make sure the community you move to allows either the right to carry, has a healthy police force or both. Carry that firearm because even in areas where there’s low crime or a stronger police force, the police may or may not be able to get to you in time.

In a red state you’re less likely to need to leave. Blue states might have both businesses and individuals leaving for so many reasons.

  1. Stupid is as stupid does in New York under the current city’s, so called , leadership. DEFUND DEBLASIO AND FIRE HIM… NOT THE POLICE… Hire more Police to correct the problems. New York has become a Sh*t Hole under DeBlasio.

  2. All of the lawlessness and hurt raining down upon New York City is the fault of the incredibly inept fool that holds the mayor’s office. De Blasio should resign immediately. He has become a curse upon the city and he is not functioning properly in decision making or leadership. He is responsible for the deaths of many people due to his ridiculous actions.

  3. Is all of this violence and deaths worth trying to get President Trump out of office? Or is it an attempt to overthrow AMERICA and turn AMERICA INTO THE SOLSTICE STATES OF AMERICA? PROTECT OUR AMERICAN FREEDOMS, RIGHTS AND VALUES IN NOVEMBER VOTE REPUBLICAN.

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