Media SILENT, Raises Major Suspicions in Military Base Shooting

The mainstream network media is being suspiciously silent. It looks a lot like another terrorist sleeper cell just woke up in a major way, but the MSM’s ignoring it. The nation’s largest Marine base was locked down tight on Tuesday, when a sniper started shooting from “a remote hillside on the base.” All the military says is that a “Marine” of unspecified gender, ethnicity, training, and age, “sustained a self-inflicted gunshot wound and was transported to a medical facility.” The “Marine” died in the hospital.

The media thinks they can hide the story

The network reporters for the major media outlets haven’t asked a single question about the whole two hour standoff. The public can relax they say, the military is conducting “an investigation.” The networks would rather promote racist propaganda than report the truth that this was yet another terror attack on a U.S. military base.

Those who follow the Machiavellian Deep State intrigue speculate that if this were the act of a far-right extremist there would be leaks, rumors and speculation everywhere. The silence indicates the shooter was a person of color. Also that person may have extremist philosophies linked to other countries. For some strange reason, nobody seems to be paying attention to the social media accounts of extremists in the military.

Base officials have confirmed the media reports that military police responded to multiple shots fired and California’s Twentynine Palms Marine Corps Base was locked down at 6:30 a.m. Tuesday morning. They aren’t saying who or what the shooter was aiming at. They do report that nobody else was injured.

Shelter in place

As the base personnel were ordered to shelter in place, updates were released saying the suspect had been “cordoned off.” The media doesn’t say where he was on the base when he first opened fire but they grudgingly admit the MP’s cornered him “on a remote hillside.” That strongly suggests he was perched there with a sniper rifle.

Base authorities spent two full hours trying to talk the marine into surrendering. Especially since his marksmanship was so bad he hadn’t actually killed anyone yet. They were unsuccessful. This isn’t the first incident on the base. As media reports describe, “an investigation was launched last year after a Navy corpsman at the base was killed in an off-duty capacity.” Not only that, “four Marines stationed at the base have been accused of homicides in the past four years, two of whom have been convicted.”

As confirmed by a statement to the media issued by Captain Nicole Plymale, “military police were communicating with the Marine when the person sustained a self-inflicted gunshot wound around 8:30 a.m.” Also, she relates, “No other injuries were reported and officers did not fire any shots during the incident.”

  1. Well, someday we’ll get the full report, but it won’t be from the lamestream media propaganda machine.

  2. Now once again it seems like the Military does not want people jumping he gun until they have done their investigation into the matter. Now it sounds like the person must have had a bad opinion of what went on at the base.

  3. It sounds as if the military police are playing this very close to their vests. It’s interesting that this supposedly Marine-trained “sniper” didn’t hit a single target, and wound up shooting himself. I notice that this is a common pattern for Jihadists.

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