BREAKING NEWS: Multiple Bomb Threats…Officials on the Scene

Police are investigating multiple bomb threats in Albany, Georgia and neighboring Lee County. A number of businesses have reported similar warnings, officials relate, and they are taking them seriously.

Bomb threat at the mall

Shortly before 11:30 a.m. on Thursday, Police in Dougherty County “responded to the Albany Mall.” They were there after receiving unconfirmed reports of a “bomb threat.” The call went out to police dispatchers around 11:00 a.m., mall administrators say.

According to the police, some of the stores took the threat seriously and “chose to evacuate” but others downplayed the threat and “some remained in business.” The management at the mall explained that they don’t have a specific evacuation plan of their own so leave it up to “recommendations from law enforcement.”

After a thorough search, the Albany Police department gave the mall “the all-clear.” While they were searching, other calls came in from a nearby community.

Threats to car dealerships

Considering that first a commercial mall was threatened, then a string of car dealers, its clear that someone is out to disrupt the local economy, either through fear or destructive violence.

In Lee County, Georgia, “several threats were made to a number of car dealerships.” As noted by Lee County Sheriff Reggie Rachals, “threats were made to Hutchinson Kia of Albany, Toyota of Albany, Prince Chevrolet and Finnicum Motors.” Police units were sent out to investigate the various locations.

So far, local outlets are covering the story but have run out of details. They’ll update the public as information becomes available and we will update the situation as things develop.

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