Alert: White House is NOT Playing Around…’Operation Legend’ Set for Crime Riddled Area

On Wednesday, Kayleigh McEnany announced “Operation Legend” will roll out under Department of Justice jurisdiction. Federal law enforcement agents are on the way to crime riddled Kansas City, Missouri. That’s where LeGend Taliferro, a 4-year-old, was sleeping peacefully in his bed when a stray bullet hit him in the face and killed him. The White House isn’t going to let an incident like that happen again and they’re not playing around.

Children like LeGend

The violence in Kansas City is a nightmare. At the federal government, the administrations wants to “use our resources to the fullest extent of the law to ensure that individuals and young children like LeGend and able to live their lives, and live so peacefully.” Mayor Quinton Lucas had enough of violence and anarchy so he yelled for help from Uncle Sam. The White House was quick to respond.

The Press Secretary explained that the plan was “inspired by Mayor Quinton Lucas’ letter, where Lucas wrote that Kansas City was ‘at a crisis point.'” To the citizens, it feels like they’re living in a legend. They’re back in the thrilling days of yesteryear, when along the lawless frontier, justice was what the fastest gun said it was. Trials were over in minutes and the accused left swinging from a tree. Lawyers? We don’t need any, cause we make the laws. The only difference is that today the masked banditos call themselves Black Lives Matter. They run around making fat stacks on the street corner selling crack when they aren’t out burning and looting.

As McEnany noted in the press conference, murders are off the scale. That’s why “agents from the DoJ, FBI, U.S. Marshals, DEA and ATF will be on the ground in the metro within the next 10 days” to get Operation Legend up and running.

Systematic and coordinated law enforcement

The DOJ also put out a statement calling the Operation Legend program a “sustained, systematic and coordinated law enforcement initiative across all federal law enforcement agencies working in conjunction with state and local law enforcement officials to fight the sudden surge of violent crime.”

The department is quick to explain that the president made it crystal clear that “the federal government stands ready and willing to assist any of our state and local law enforcement partners across the nation responding to violent crime.” Operation Legend will “combat the disturbing uptick in violence by surging federal agents and other federal assets into cities like Kansas City, a city currently experiencing its worst homicide rate in its history.”

Mayor Lucas is thrilled with the federal help. He put out a statement Wednesday assuring his citizens that these outside resources “will not be used for regular policing or patrol activities” but rather for investigating “unsolved murders and shootings.” He added that, “I also understand the United States Attorney in Kansas City has been in contact with the family of LeGend Taliferro who support the investigation effort to help find the murderer of four-year-old LeGend and many other victims tragically killed this year in Kansas City.” The DOJ did reach out to the family for permission prior to using the child’s name.

  1. Now here we go once again Trump making crime political, and it has no political affiliation, always pointing to Democratic states when the fact is Republican controlled states have the same or higher crime rate as Democratic states, look at it Florida has much more crime than New York.

  2. Where is the demonstrations in the killing of LeGend M. Taliferro? Or does it not matter when it is A KILLING BY NON-WHITE NON-POLICE INDIVIDUALS. BLM may have started out as a non-violent protest AND Antifa which has always been a violent terrorist group should be held responsible for this baby’s death.

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