Breaking: Two More War Ships Full of Badass Marines Deployed

Two additional ships full of Marines are headed in the general direction of Israel. As the situation grows worse by the hour and the Egyptians are dragging their feet about letting American refugees through their gate, the Pentagon is sending help.

Two more ships

It’s clear to everyone that the two ships packed with thousands of Marines are headed toward Gaza due to the “worsening situation.” Politico makes a point of noting that “no formal order to station off the coast has been given.” That’s probably because the situation is still fluid.

What we do know is that they’re slated to “help in any potential U.S. response to the fighting on the ground between Hamas and Israel.

A couple of Defense Department officials leaked off the record that “the USS Bataan Amphibious Ready Group, including up to 2,400 Marines from the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit, will stage in the eastern Mediterranean Sea in the event they are ordered to evacuate Americans caught in the fighting.

They don’t need an official order to move in that direction. The ships had been hanging out in the Persian Gulf and were expecting to get called into action.

Right now, “hundreds of American citizens are in danger of being trapped by the fighting between Israel and Hamas.” The Marines “would be tasked with any evacuation of American citizens from Israel, Gaza or Lebanon, and can also provide medical assistance if needed.

Along with the Bataan, “amphibious dock landing ship USS Carter Hall can launch watercraft to ferry people from the shore back to the ships.

Third coming from Spain

A third load of Marines aboard the USS Mesa Verde left their hope port in Spain on Monday. While the officials confirm its on the way to the party, it’s not clear if it will make it in time to help the other ships with an evacuation.

Whoever manages to make it in time will “join one carrier strike group already on station — the USS Gerald R. Ford — and potentially a second.

It’s been reported that the “USS Dwight D. Eisenhower left its home port in Virginia on Saturday.” While officials note that was a regularly scheduled deployment, by coincidence, it happened to be headed to Israel anyway.

Besides the carrier and amphibious landing ships, “the strike groups include fighter jets, cruisers and destroyers.

It’s a really good thing that we have American ships on the way to help evacuate our citizens. That’s because Antony Blinken totally struck out while trying to negotiate with Israel’s Arab neighbors.

Saudi Arabia’s “Prince Happy Cat,” Mohammed bin Salman, played with Blinky like a ball of yarn. Blinken had to fly in fast for a rush meeting in the evening on Saturday, then was left sitting in the lobby until Sunday morning. We’re going to need all the ships over there we can get.

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