FBI Wants January 6 to be Bigger

A whistleblower thinks the FBI deliberately inflated the events of January 6 to make it look bigger and more widespread than it is. The “domestic violent extremism” is more of a threat than just one incident. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) revealed the FBI office didn’t follow normal investigative procedure when it moved its field offices around the country, depending on where each case was.

The FBI is one of many

Offices in government that needs to be dismantled. Jordan showed a letter addressed to Director Christopher Wray.

The letter said January 6 cases “should all be officially led by the WFO [Washington Field Office] and categorized as WFO cases.” Instead a “task force” sent instructions to open cases in offices nationwide.

FBI slight of hand

It looked like the local offices were doing the investigations when in reality the Washington Field Office did the majority of the work. The whistleblower spoke with Jordan.

“The manipulative casefile practice creates false and misleading crime statistics. Instead of hundreds of investigations stemming from a single, black swan incident at the Capitol, FBI and DOJ officials point to significant increases in domestic violent extremism and terrorism around the United States.”

The letter

Jordan pointed out the letter makes it look like there’s more to January 6 than what there is. “Such an artificial case categorization scheme allows FBI leadership to misleadingly point to ‘significant’ increases in DVE threats nationwide.” The Biden administration is trying to push this narrative.

The whistleblower said January 6 cases were inappropriately taking priority over others. He was “told that child sexual abuse material investigations were no longer an FBI priority and should be referred to local law enforcement agencies.”

Not the only whistleblower

At least three of them have spoken with Jordan to tell him cases were being inappropriately classified. They’re being pushed to call these domestic violent extremism even though there wasn’t enough evidence to do that.

A whistleblower came forward in July to name Assistant Special Agent in Charge Timothy Thibault as somebody who had pressured people to classify incorrectly. Thibault has since resigned. He might have also violated the Hatch Act, shutting down derogatory reporting on the Hunter Biden laptop. He handled election related matters inconsistently. Thibault has retained legal counsel.

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