Shepard Smith

The Shocking Shepard Smith Results are In

Shepard Smith, who left Fox News in October of 2019, has moved to NBC/CNBC, and his viewership is not good.

Low Numbers

Smith averaged only 322,000 views in his first week on CNBC.

After 23 years with Fox News, Smith signed as CNBC’s chief general news anchor and chief breaking general news anchor in July. He is also the executive editor of his own show, ‘Shepard Smith Reports.’

His debut on the channel was on September 30, where he received only 373,000 viewers.

According to The Hill: “On Oct. 1, Smith registered 321,000 viewers, followed by 331,000 on Oct. 2, 266,000 on Oct. 5 and 321,000 on Wednesday.”

Competing with Lou Dobbs Re-Runs

At the same time Shepard Smith’s show is playing on CNBC, 7 p.m. ET, ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’ re-runs air on Fox Business. Dobbs’ re-runs bring in an average of 335,000 views, beating Smith.

While Smith was with Fox News, he averaged 1.3 million views, a huge contrast from his current numbers.

Rocky Relationship with The President

President Trump and Smith have had an ongoing feud, with the president accusing the anchor of fake news.

The new CNBC anchor has been a constant critic of President Trump, which is why many conservatives were happy to see him leave Fox News.

“In my more than 30 years in journalism, there has never been a better or more critical time to launch a non-partisan, fact-based evening newscast,” Smith said after signing with CNBC in July.

“From the ongoing pandemic to the election and the economy, the mission of this program is to cover the most important news of the day with depth and clarity. Each night, we will be bold, we will be direct and we will deliver the truth to our viewers,” the news anchor added.

  1. Lots of competition for viewers for that particular time slot. Just as in the last presidential voting cycle (2015-16), viewership will plunge after the 2020 election. Prime time viewer ratings for CNN, MSNBC and CNBC and Shepard Smith in particular will dip to levels that clearly brand their programming as insignificant and untenable. FOX NEWS will still be the leader by a huge margin. If it weren’t for CNN paying the nation’s airports to show their programming, their prime time ratings wouldn’t even eclipse the numbers of The Cowboy Channel.

  2. This is relatively easy…the FOX audience was growing weary of Sheppies sexual proclivities, his anti-Trump rhetoric or progressive lefty clap trap. He only had more viewers on FOX because they were already there watching something else. But to have him as part of the diet on the main-stream…Commie News Broadcasting Co. (CNBC), where FOX viewers rarely go, then his drawing power and numbers dropped, because they had to go there to see him as opposed to his being part of a sometimes conservative FOX mix. He wasn’t popular…FOX was…it’s as simple as that.

  3. Smith on Fox proved without uncertainty that he was a never Trumper and therefore he was losing viewers who elected not to watch him. As with most liberal pundits their attitudes often tell a very strong viewpoint that over the last 12 years, 8 with Obama and 4 with President Trump Americans have become polarized conservative versus Liberal-Progressives. The fact we see the horrific destruction of Democratically supported organizations Antifa and BLM their destructive activities against their own cities leaves nothing to be guessed at, they hate America our history of greatness and self reliance always bellying up to the bar when times get tough they hate. In fact truth be told most are active anarchists who want to destroy everything we stand for. College professors and college graduates have taken part in these demonstrations that Democrats like to say are peaceful protests when in fact they destroy anything in their path, statutes historic monuments you name it and they hate it. Democrats are trying to prevent a well qualified Jurist from becoming a SCOTUS filling a seat of a very liberal judge Ginsburg. We hope and pray for our current President who unselfishly became President over a tsunami of hate by the left, he works daily to make America great so he deserves another four years in the White House.

  4. I responded with a comment yesterday and the message said my comment was awaiting moderation. There was nothing objectionable in my comment.

    Where the heck is it?

  5. Right? Fair and balanced. Don’t see you talking the truth about the Biden corruption. In fact nothing about Biden’s loss of memory . Hs refusal to answer if he’s going to pack the court if he wins, or when did he know his son was getting money from China and the Ukraine not to mention the mayors wife of Moscow. 3.5 mil for what exactly?

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