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Harris MELTDOWN, No More Public Appearances

Kamala Harris is now on her third speech writer, and things are not getting better.

At this point, it is pretty clear that it is not the pen but the speaker that is the problem.

Harris’ latest gaffe came when she was at Lumen Field in Seattle, gushing over yellow school buses.

The consensus after this appearance was that Harris needed to hide for the next two years.

Getting Nostalgic

Harris, recalling fond memories, stated, “Who doesn’t love a yellow school bus, right?

“Can you raise your hand if you love a yellow school bus?

“Many of us went to school on the yellow school bus, right?

“It’s part of our experience growing up. It’s part of a nostalgia, a memory of the excitement and joy of going to school to be with your favorite teacher, to be with your best friends and to learn. The school bus takes us there.”

Radio host Clay Travis noted, “Democrats have been hiding Kamala, but she just had a press conference and talked about yellow school buses and my goodness they really can’t let her talk in public about anything.”

Her appearance was so bad, Stephen Miller stated, “Okay changed my mind about Fetterman.”

There were more than a few that compared her to the character in the comedy series, “Veep.”

But this one may be my favorite…

This woman is a walking disaster for Democrats, and she may be the only thing standing in the way of a Joe Biden impeachment.

Source: Fox News

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