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Joe Biden Forgets How Many Times He Has LIED, Here is What He is Peddling Now

Joe Biden continues to pack his cabinet with deep state swamp creatures. The latest picks will round out his digital operations. The administration plans to conduct the majority of its public communications digitally as the nation continues to grapple with the coronavirus pandemic.

Joe Biden is a Deep State puppet

Joe Biden has appointed Rob Flaherty, who worked as the digital director of the Biden campaign, as his director of digital strategy. He has also named Jamie Lopez as director of platforms. Brendan Cohen, who previously served as the deputy director of editorial on the Biden campaign, has been appointed platform manager. Jonathan Hebert will be Biden’s video director and Carahna Magwood will be Biden’s creative director. Both of them had similar roles during Biden’s campaign.

The digital team has their work cut out for them. Their main task will be trying to make Biden look like a normal functioning human being by editing out all of his gaffes. Other names rounding out the digital team are Abbey Pitzer as designer. Olivia Raisner as traveling content director. Rebecca Rinkevich and Christian Tom as deputy directors of digital strategy. Cameron Trimble as director of digital engagement.

“Communicating transparently and honestly with the American people is one of the most important responsibilities of a President,” Biden said in a statement. “This team of diverse experts has a wide range of experience in digital strategy and will help connect the White House to the American people in new and innovative ways.”

President Obama 2.0

Many believe Sleepy Joe’s administration will be nothing more than Obama’s third term in the White House. He’s bringing back all the familiar faces from the past administration. What can Americans expect for the next four years under Joe Biden’s administration?

More foreign wars? The Obama administration engaged in two new wars in Libya and Yemen. It withdrew but then was forced to resend U.S. troops to Iraq to fight the Islamic State to prevent the collapse of Baghdad. The Obama administration also continued the war in Afghanistan, despite pledging to end it. Get ready for some dark days ahead.

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