HILARIOUS: Dumbass Alyssa Milano Claims a Mask Will Protect You More Than an AR-15 Will

Poor Alyssa Milano, nobody has told her that it’s better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. The medical grade masks are a thin, flimsy material that doesn’t even cover your face completely. An AR-15 is a metal weapon that can and will kill in order to PROTECT you from those who would do you harm. You have seen the ARMED guards at Hollywood galas, right?

That AR will protect you

And your blind and deaf fellow Hollywood friends from rabid fans. And you’ll thank your ARMED security guards for keeping those who would harm you away.

If you’re saying this to score political points rather than actually meaning it, you’ll just add your name to the roster of those who can’t or won’t think critically or logically. Which is most of Hollywood.

The firearm will protect

The women you profess to care about. One of many examples is on November 4, 2019 one of your friends NBC News confirmed a pregnant Florida woman used an AR-15 to protect herself from a pair of intruders that smacked her husband around. One of them died. That’s how it’s done.

If you’d bothered to look at some of the pictures taken of the 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards you would have seen obvious, boldly outfitted security that not only had beautiful, well trained dogs but they were heavily armed as well. For your protection.

A mask can protect no one

From a virus. Even those who do everything right catch it because it can so easily go around the mask. The only way you’re going to protect everybody is to just not leave your house, don’t be in contact with another human. Ever. Because viruses mutate. HOW long have we had different flu strains every year?

The mask mandates that have been around for months, especially in California, hasn’t curtailed the virus spikes. You could even ask Trump for help with that but you won’t. No liberal will.

One last question. Why are those who refuse to wear a mask still alive?

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