Bernie Sanders Admits What We Already Knew

The only card carrying Socialist in Congress, Senator Bernie Sanders actually admitted that once Democrats don’t have President Donald Trump to oppose, the entire party will implode. One sociologist agrees that Bernie has a point. “Who the party was against was obvious over the past four years but what is the party actually for?”

Sanders mad the ‘working class’ prefers Trump

Bernie Sanders was ticked off enough at the progressive base to come out of his beach house and read them the riot act.

The Democrat party claims to represent the “working class” yet they clearly don’t. They’re defecting in droves. So many flocked to the Trump administration that it’s throwing the numbers out of whack.

Bernie sees the writing on the wall and tries to cover it up by flinging lots of crap and hoping it will stick.

On Tuesday, the Vermont Socialist typed out an op-ed for The Guardian. Sanders is alarmed that even though Biden racked up a historic 80 million votes “and counting,” President Donald Trump managed to tally “11 million more votes than he did in 2016.” The vast majority of them were former Democrats.

According to Sanders, “a certain segment of the working class in our country still believe Donald Trump is on their side.” He thought long and hard about why that is. “He seems to be fighting almost everyone, every day.”

Trump is just too darn popular with the average Joe Sixpack. He got more votes than last time from “many distressed communities—where unemployment and poverty are high, healthcare and childcare are inadequate, and people are hurting the most.”

Get it together before 2024

Bernie Sanders is so terrified about reversing the trend that he’s already working on 2024. He’s warning Kamala Harris that “a failure to deliver real material gains to the U.S. working class could lay the groundwork for another ‘right-wing authoritarian’ to seize power in 2024.”

Even a hard core socialist like Senator Sanders can see that Democrats need to “make it absolutely clear whose side they are on, and who is on the other side.”

That means forking over lots and lots of free stuff, while taxing the rich out of business to do it. Sociologist Musa al-Gharbi agrees.

The liberal number cruncher and people watcher notes that Sanders has it right. When compared to 2008, Democrats this year “ended up in a worse position with a number of core constituencies, including whites, African Americans, racial ‘others,’ and LGBTQ voters.”

Without Trump to fight against tooth-and-nail, Democrats “seem to be on the verge of an identity crisis — and possibly an electoral crisis as well. Who the party was against was obvious over the past four years.

But what is the party actually for? For that matter, who is the party for? Resolving these questions — not just in principle but in practice — will be a messy affair in the coming months and years. Not everyone is going to like the answers.”

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  1. The Constitution does not say that the president must be a “citizen at birth”. It says the president must be a “natural born citizen”. Citizen at birth is not the same thing as a natural born citizen. One may be a citizen at birth through birth on U.S. soil OR birth to a citizen parent, but a natural born citizen is ONLY someone born on U.S. soil to a citizen father and a citizen mother, parents who are “themselves, citizens”. BOTH parents. Kamala Harris was born in Oakland, CA, but her East Indian mother and Jamaican father were FOREIGN NATIONALS, NOT U.S. CITIZENS, when Kamala was born. She is a “citizen at birth” but she is not a “natural born citizen” and is not constitutionally eligible to be vice president or president! Those are the only two offices that MUST be natural born citizens.

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