Politico Claims White Children Going Back to School is a ‘Problem’

The return of students to public schools after the shutdowns of the last year will inspire mixed feelings in many Americans. On the one hand it is a sign of something returning to normal. On the other hand, it means more kids will be directly force-fed leftist propaganda. For leftist publication Politico , however, there’s a very specific problem in our reopening public schools: too many white students are showing up to class.

Minorities not coming back to school

You might think liberals would be thankful for the opportunity to teach more white children and teenagers to hate themselves and their country.

Not so for Politico. The “problem” seems to be causing a great deal of confusion for liberals who are questioning why minority students are not returning in the same numbers.

This issue, Politico explains,  lies with students and parents themselves. Minority students are simply not coming to school at the same rates as white students in general.

There is only speculation as to why this is, with the relevant authorities suggesting that there are “issues of distrust” between minority parents and schools that are causing the trend.

What exactly is the source of this theorized distrust? That is not directly addressed. Are governments and schools not pandering hard enough?

Along with journalists and the government, civil rights organizations are reportedly examining the trend. Parents and students voluntarily choosing to attend or not attend is evidently a civil rights issue

“Too many white kids”

Interestingly, the Politico headline does not actually mention the absence of minority students as the problem, instead specifying that the ‘problem,” as they see it, lies in the fact that white students are attending.

One shudders to imagine how white children are being treated at the moment in those schools which view their presence as a “problem.”

These students and parents are making a real effort to return to in-person schooling and fill the empty classrooms. Instead of being praised for this responsible attitude, they are viewed as a nuisance by Politico and the Biden Department of Education.

Somehow, regardless of what they do, the choices and ailments of minorities in America always manage to be blamed on white people.

While remote teaching may have added a thin layer of separation from the agenda being taught in public schools, white students are now returning to an environment in which they can be constantly exposed to this sort of propaganda.

In fact, conservatives have just as much cause to be concerned about white students returning to school as Politico does, and those conservative concerns are actually grounded in reality.

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