Hunter Biden Re-Emerges, You Won’t Believe What This Crack Head is Doing Now

First crackhead Hunter Biden has miraculously found yet another new job. Despite having no noteworthy expertise in teaching or media, the infamous son of the President will be guest teaching a college course about “fake news.” This will be the latest in a long string of lucrative jobs Biden has obtained using his father and political connections. Hunter Biden will be contributing to the ten week course at Tulane University.

Drug addled loser to teach college students

The crackhead-in-chief has benefitted handsomely from the career of his father, placing both at the center of a number of scandals.

Fortunately for both Bidens the scandals have been largely covered up by friendly mainstream media and tech companies, who have described them all as “fake news”

The experience supposedly makes Hunter an expert on “fake news” and, in the eyes of Tulane University, entitles him to teach students about the subject.

Or, more likely, large amounts of cash and favors are changing hands and Hunter needs to be pretending to do something to fund his degenerate lifestyle.

This is only the latest case of the elder Biden blatantly pulling strings to secure jobs for his son, none of which he has been remotely qualified for or successful at.

The position of Hunter Biden with a Ukrainian energy firm was widely assumed to be a case of clear corruption and bribery given the involvement of his then Vice President father in Eastern European policy, before the whole thing was declared fake news by the media.

More presidential favors for Hunter

In 2014 Vice President Biden secured a direct commission in the United States Navy for his 43 year old crackhead son, who was given multiple waivers for being 43 years old and a well known crackhead.

In a matter of weeks Hunter had been discharged from the Navy for continuing to be a crackhead while serving in the United States Navy.

Given the difficulty of both obtaining a direct commission and being commissioned after 40, it is clear that Hunter had been admitted exclusively due to the position of his father.

After this heroic month military service Hunter continued to live his famously degenerate lifestyle, being well known for sex and drug scandals which returned to the public eye during the 2020 campaign.

None of this is “fake news.” Hunter Biden has no discernible talent,  expertise, experience, or value in any field which would entitle him to a prestigious guest teaching position.

Clearly, Tulane University is just the latest fine institution which is looking for favors from the President by offering this laughable job to his crackhead son.

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