Report: Durham Investigation Subpoena Information

There’s something to be said for Durham not surfacing often. He’s hunting people that may never talk, even if they have a deal. People that do their dirty work, change their names, move to Tahiti with a fat bank account. You may not get a judge or court to work on this if the Supreme Court was threatened. Corruption in government is massive and it’s been going on for a long time.

Durham may have teams

Such as Sidney Powell and Lin Wood did. Those two attorneys may be powerhouses and excited to work on the case. Problem being if the judge is threatened or bribed to laugh the case out of court, if the law means nothing, all that power goes out the window. Chief Justice John Roberts may have had his family threatened.

This needs to be done differently. Quietly. Things in the Steele dossier were made up. People may not go on record.

Durham subpoenaed

The Brookings Institute, a liberal think tank, over a former employee. Igor Danchenko might have been the collection point for people to make things up for the dossier.

Danchenko currently works for the Steele owned Orbis Business Intelligence possibly for protection. The rumor mill has ruined many people. Those rumors were passed as truth.

Durham may have caught more

But we might never know of them. Quietly. Kevin Clinesmith pleaded guilty straight away to a forged email and was given a slap on the wrist. The inspector general found a number of inaccuracies in the application for the FISA warrants. The FBI is corrupt. They were in on it and didn’t talk. Danchenko did indeed leave the US in 2010 so the FBI didn’t issue a warrant.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller probably sounded like an idiot, couldn’t find anything because there was nothing there to find. It was all for show.

Durham may be looking for paper trails instead

And hope things weren’t shredded, such as one of the swing states destroying evidence of election fraud. The IG report debunked claims in the dossier.

The Brookings Institute turned over documents after the December 31st subpoena was issued. Was there foot dragging? Maybe. Were all necessary documents turned over? Maybe not. Remember, the law means nothing and we’re dealing with snakes and cockroaches. A Michael Cavadel said, “Consistent with its practices in such matters, Brookings provided the responsive documents, none of which contained information associated with the reports known as the Steele dossier.”

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