The Stand Against a Tyrant: Governor Blocks Biden’s Illegal Immigrant Redistribution

South Carolina has never been the most easily compliant of states. Now the state is again leading the way in rejecting the policies of the federal government by standing against efforts to redistribute illegal immigrants among the states. Republican Governor Henry McMaster has now signed an executive order denying permission for the Biden administration to place unaccompanied minors from the border within the borders of South Carolina.

South Carolina Governor defiant

Governor McMaster announced the order in response to a letter from the South Carolina Department of Social Services warning that plans are now in place to locate unaccompanied minors in the state.

The Biden administration hopes to distribute illegal immigrant children among the states to ease the burden on migrant facilities at the Mexican border.

The number of unaccompanied migrant children at the border has skyrocketed in recent months in response to the perceived leniency of the Biden White House.

While many Americans may be tired of hearing about the eternal “border crisis” the numbers are now evidently putting a real strain on facilities in the border states.

Because cracking down on  the illegal migrants and sending them back from whence they came would make far too much sense for any American politician to consider, the Biden administration hopes that forcing other states to share in the burden will make the situation more manageable.

The letter to the Governor of South Carolina announces that children are expected to be in the state for 35 days. The letter goes on to make it clear that there is actually no concrete span of time and it may in fact be a much longer period.

American children first

Governor McMaster argued in his rejection of the policy that South Carolina lacks the facilities and infrastructure to care for the migrant children.

His priority, he claims, is ensuring that vulnerable children in South Carolina are not displaced or made to suffer through the forced introduction of large numbers of foreign children.

Both parties have been noticeably uninterested in the fate of the native-born American children who are already at risk and who now face the possibility of being shoved out of foster care facilities to make room for the illegal migrants.

The South Carolina executive order is thus a promising sign that at least some Republicans are willing to stand up for struggling American children and are willing to defy Biden to do so.

It is a relatively novel development in the eternal border crisis. If South Carolina has any success at all in enforcing the order, however, other conservative states are likely to quickly make similar proclamations.

What remains to be seen is how willing Governor McMaster is to stand by his order as pressure from the federal government mounts. Regardless, other states are sure to be closely watching the situation in South Carolina.

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