What A Convicted Pedophile Did When His Sentence Was Read Out Is….

A man from Rhode Island has been sentenced to over 200 years behind bars for the crime of molesting an infant and producing child pornography that he uploaded to the internet.

The disgusting criminal, 45-year-old Thomas Goodman, fell onto a table in the courtroom after being handed his sentencing by Judge John McConnell. 

The Providence Journal reported that Goodman was guilty of 8 counts of sexually exploiting children and one count of possessing child pornography. 

The judge made the decision to lengthen Goodman’s sentence 260 years longer than what prosecutors requested. McConnell sentenced Goodman to eight 30-year sentences and one 20-year sentence for his crimes. 

McConnell said “the level of depravity is beyond comprehension,” describing how Goodman “spent six years sexually abusing two young girls when they were 6 years to 12 years old.”

Goodman’s attorney had attempted to get a lighter sentence, citing Goodman being molested by a teacher as a child. The judge was sure to address the criminal’s tragic past.

“It is clear to me that as a result of you being victimized you went out and victimized,” McConnell said, but he also asserted that he must protect the public.

Goodman was discovered by his employer, Electric Boat, who had confiscated his phone for violating policy by using it on company property. 

The ‘AWM’ reported more details on the story:

Goodman’s crimes were heinous and unthinkable – and they were all caught on video. Goodman recorded videos of himself abusing the newborn baby when she was just three weeks old. He continued the sex crimes until the child was eighteen-months-old. In addition to attacking the newborn baby girl, Goodman also had videos of himself abusing two other girls, ages six and twelve.

Prosecutor Lee Vilker recommended Judge McConnel lock up Goodman for 100 years. However, McConnell went above and beyond their recommendation, ultimately sentencing Goodman to eight 30-year sentences and one 20-year sentence that would be served one after the other for a total of 160 years behind bars for his crimes against innocent children.

Police investigators quickly found that Goodman had accumulated a large collection of child porn. After obtaining a search warrant, they conducted a raid of Goodman’s property and found that he was in possession of 7,800 child abuse images and 370 videos.

Of his vast collection of child pornography, Goodman had 135 photos and 62 videos featuring prepubescent children. These victims were filmed by Goodman from September 2007 to February 2018.



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