Trump Drops MAJOR Announcement About Hunter Biden

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump made a huge announcement on Fox News. Now that Joe Biden is the Democrat of choice for moderate liberals, investigation into Hunter Biden’s cushy job in the Ukraine “will be a major issue in the campaign.” Trump promises to “bring that up all the time.”

Trump announcement, Bidens are a ‘major issue’

Ranking Capitol Hill Republicans are convinced that “Hunter Biden’s work on the board of the state-owned pipeline company Burisma Holdings, while his father was Vice President,” is legitimate cause for an investigation. Election, or no election. Ron Johnson promises a report in the next couple of months and he wants to issue a subpoena.

Hunter Biden, an admitted crack-cocaine addict and alcoholic, somehow managed to land a high paying job for doing next to nothing. All he had to do was sit on the board of directors for a wealthy corporation. Americans have been demanding to know how is this not an attempt to influence the former Vice President? Of course, Trump should make it a major issue. Conservatives are thrilled with the announcement.

“Is this political? Sure, everything’s political.” The Wisconsin Republican heads up the Senate Homeland Security Committee. Next week, Johnson’s panel will consider issuing a subpoena to one of the Ukrainian consultants at the heart of Rudy Giuliani’s corruption probe, Andrii Telizhenko.

It might be political, but the investigation has also been running since long before “Quid Pro” Joe Biden started racing for President. Johnson points out “he’s been asking for information on Burisma and the Bidens for some time now.” The only reason they’re seeking a subpoena is because Michigan Democrat Gary Peters “refused to make his request bipartisan.”

The press is making a big deal out of it only because Democrats want the optics. “We’ve been doing this oversight pretty quietly. I haven’t held any kind of show hearings” Johnson swears. “I just want the information. I just want the truth.” It’s been plodding along for months and nobody paid any attention, “now all of a sudden [reporters] make it public.”

A free pass for blackmail

Quid Pro Joe allegedly blackmailed the government of Ukraine into firing a prosecutor who was investigating Burisma, and nobody bats an eye. When President Trump asked the Ukraine to look into the corruption, they assured him they already were, because it is corruption there too. President Trump got impeached for that.


The Federal Bureau of Instigation isn’t under deep state Democrat control anymore, but Democrats like Representative Jim Himes of Connecticut haven’t been able to accept that fact. He calls attempts to learn the truth about the Biden family’s shady dealings in the former soviet union “a thinly veiled political attack.”

It reminds him of “Trump’s 2016 effort to raise doubts and conspiracies around Hillary Clinton for the emails that were lost when she used a private server while secretary of state.” He’s upset that Republicans refuse to accept the fact that Democrats are above the law. “Republicans, lacking any vision for the American people, simply make up stuff about Democratic presidential candidates. We’ve seen this movie before.”

Dereliction of duty

Republican Kevin McCarthy throws the issue right back in the faces of progressives, calling Nancy Pelosi and her squad, “derelict” in their duty. They should have already launched a major investigation of their own. “They want to look the other way when it comes to somebody of their own party? And now that becomes a question of politics.”

So what if Biden is looking good as the Democrat choice? “A month ago,” North Carolina Republican Rep. Mark Walker notes, “we thought Joe Biden wasn’t even going to finish in the top three. Now that everybody coalesced on the Democratic side around him, I think you’ve got to be scrutinized. You’ve got to walk through the process.”

Mark Meadows agrees, “I just think at the same time it’s hard to imagine Hunter Biden getting a good gig like that without some reason for that selection.” President Trump’s announcement could not have come at a better time.

  1. what about trump’s own children, profiting enormously all over the globe from sweetheart deals given them by authoritarian regimes hoping to get on the good side of der trumpenfuhrer?

  2. The Bidens is crooked as a snake. Just like crooked Hillary. All democrats are crooked. I can’t wait till November and the Republicans take the Congress and keep the Senate. I want to see them investigate all democrats. Payback is a bitch.

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