Still A RINO Reject: Dems Poised To Flip Key State

Martha McSally is still a reject. In 2018, the GOP tried to shove a “moderate” RINO candidate down the throats of voters in the key conservative state of Arizona and it backfired. Libertarians and other independent conservatives sent the alleged Republicans a clear message and nobody listened.

Once a reject always a reject

In 2018, the choice was take it or leave it. Independent conservatives didn’t “select” bisexual Democrat Kyrsten Sinema for the Senate seat vacated by rogue RINO Jeff the Flake, they went out of their way to make a point and intentionally “reject” Martha McSally. “Since you insist on making us elect a Democrat, we’ll elect one who at least admits they are a Democrat,” they warned in the social media chat rooms.

The true conservatives in the state were all ready to elect Dr. Kelli Ward. She would have won the general election in a landslide but got shafted in the primary, a victim of back room political shady deals. There was no possible way that Democrat Sinema could do a worse job than Senator Jeff Flake, who should have had a “D” next to his name in all the press write ups anyway.

Sinema actually has shown an impressive performance so far. Surprisingly, she stood up to her party on a couple of things and at least seems to be listening to her constituents.

A new poll released on Thursday shows McSally losing to Democrat former astronaut Mark Kelly by 5 points. “Democratic-leaning firm” Public Policy Polling conducted the poll, but you can rest assured, it’s accurate. Around 46 percent of the responders were deplorable Trump supporters.


Here we go again

With all due respect to John McCain’s long and faithful service as a conservative Republican, McCain sold out to the deep state years ago. By the time he passed away, McCain was just as Republicrat as Flake. The party bigwigs stuffed Jon Kyl in his seat as a temp until the Governor could get around to appointing a permanent replacement.

When he did, double-crossing Doug Ducey appointed none other than the 2018 reject, Martha McSally. He believed that the voters made a mistake by not electing her. “No,” the anarchist types “up in the trees” insist, “we did it on purpose.”

This year McSally again needs the approval of the voters and she isn’t getting it. A rock with a smiley face painted on it would have a better chance of winning in November. Independent conservatives are ready to send the same message and keep sending it until somebody listens.

Instead of fielding a viable conservative candidate in 2020, they’re cutting their own throats. Unless Daniel McCarthy gets with the program, the state will flip solid blue, with two Democrat Senators. Both because of rogue RINO’s in the Arizona GOP.

McCarthy isn’t in it to win it

Daniel McCarthy’s only campaign platform item is “I’m not McSally and I’m registered Republican.” Other than that, nobody has heard a single word. That’s probably because he has no money to spend on advertising.

In an interview with a local news station, host Brahm Resnik asked McCarthy, “Your tagline is ‘Demand Daniel.’ Your fundraising, as of the end of September, was $561, so where exactly is this demand coming from?” McCarthy hedged. ” I didn’t have my merchant or bank account set up in September.” Resnik pressed, “OK, what’s that number right now?” McCarthy: “It’s irrelevant.” McCarthy doesn’t need money. He has faith. “The Lord will provide the resources needed in order for me to win this campaign.”

Word around the campfire is that Libertarian Barry Hess is well on his way gathering petition signatures to get on the ballot. Not many people recognize his name, but the ones who do, know he has credentials. He ran for president against Barack Obama in 2008. He also made bids for the Arizona Governor’s office and was a last minute opponent for McSally in 2018.

  1. So, why is McSally running if the republican party itself doesn’t want her. Why don’t they just pick a person and run them. Once you pick them, register them so they can run. You can have more than one member of the party running. If you have to run them as a group of republicans who don’t want the one the party picked, than say so to the voters. Individuals can run, not just party picks.

  2. A Libertarian on the ballot? They are splendid stalking horses for the Democrats, since their drawn off GOP votes convert the Dems’ losing minority vote totals to winning plurality vote totals. Republican voters who flounce off in a snit when their candidate isn’t perfect are jackasses.

  3. Mark Megahan, YOUR opinion pieces rival anything spewed out by the New York Times, MSNBC or Huffington Post! Do you write for them under another name? Heck! You could write under this name and I wouldn’t know, since I don’t pay attention to those B.S sites.

    Your ignorance of the 2018 election is deafening. McSally WON that election EXCEPT for the cheating by the Democrat Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes. ALL four of the statewide candidates were leading on Tuesday night by comfortable, if slim margins. McSally was still leading by 16K votes on Wednesday evening; AND Steve Gaynor was declared the winner by the AP (Associated Press for so-called writers for “News Hour First”, whoever that is).

    However, in the next 150,000 votes tallied by 5:00 PM Thursday, Sinema received a WHOPPING 89,000 versus only 61,000 for McSally! Since your alleged skills are with the written word, you haven’t a clue about how statistically significant an anomaly that is! IF you can assume that the first 90-95% of the votes counted through Wednesday is a valid “random sample” (90%!!!???) then it’s logical to assume that the last 5-10% of the total votes would closely correlate to the first 90%. Instead, Sinema received a whopping 72K (that’s 72,000 Markey) MORE votes than McSally in the next 300,000+/- votes counted. That means Sinema received 186K versus 114K for McSally; a statistically IMPOSSIBLE number!

    So I suggest you get over it and Move on! Dr. Ward has, and is the current State Party Chair. Furthermore, SINCE McSally was appointed to fill the vacancy, she has the highest vote % for Trump of ANY Senator! She is NOT the RINO you self-appointed “guardians” of all things conservative. Obviously, your ability to think rationally is in Inverse Proportion to your writing skills. And I’m being VERY generous in my respect for those skills.

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