Washington, DC, Sues Proud Boys, Oath Keepers

On the bright side, Washington is calling this action what it is. The intent is to bankrupt. Sue an organization you don’t favor til it has no money to operate. We encountered this tactic during Obama as well so it makes sense it would continue under the Biden administration. Government power shouldn’t be wielded against those that disagree. If enough people disagree, there needs to be a different direction.

Washington has been out of control

For a long time. Americans want to abide by the rule of law because war is never pleasant. The Washington Attorney General is trying to paint the Proud boys and Oath Keepers as those who want violence, “Our intent is to hold these violent mobsters and violent hate groups accountable and to get every penny of damage we can. If it so happens that we bankrupt them, then that’s a good day.”

Karl Racine is Washington’s Attorney General. If he has his way, he’ll take those two groups to the cleaners for their roles in the January 6 Capitol protest. It’s understandable both groups didn’t respond to emails seeking comment. Their likely looking into their legal options. Both may be non profit so they may recover later.

Washington is relying on a KKK act

The Ku Klux Klan act was based on an 1871 law that was also used to fleece $26 million from those responsible for the Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville, VA 2017. A counter protestor was run over and killed.

Three more Proud Boys were charged by the DOJ when this lawsuit was filed. Isaiah Giddings, Freedom Vy, both of Philadelphia, and Brian Healion of Upper Darby worked with Zachary Rehl, another Proud Boys member. They traveled from Pennsylvania as a group and posed for a picture both inside and outside the Capitol.

Washington taunting

Racine announced the lawsuit next to Eleanor Holmes Norton, a non voting delegate for DC in the House of Representatives. Norton said, among other things, that the lawsuit is designed to raise funds for DC police officers. “They’re going to have to spend money to defend themselves. Even if we don’t get a penny in restitution, this lawsuit’s deterrent effect will say, ‘Be prepared to spend money to defend yourself because we are coming after you.’”

The sinister intent of the lawsuit was explained further when Racine said he hoped to expose their financial support structure. Who is giving to these people? Can the government harass donors into withholding support? Racine is looking forward to the fight, “I sure hope they try to defend the case. We can’t wait to propound searing questions about the finances of these individuals and these groups.”

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