After Biden and Dems Snub Military Members, Citizen Steps in to Help Homeless Vets in a BIG Way

Throughout history, government has snubbed or denied our military their needs. They don’t want to admit people were hurt in a war they started. Trump is one of the few exceptions but even his hands might have been tied by career politicians. Americans have the freedom to work for causes they believe in. Ricky Folse wants to do his part to help out by bicycling to raise money.

Without military, we might not be here

Americans fought for years to be free of the crown. We left and the British followed us! We wanted to be free of their rules, just leave us alone!

It was the case then, it’s the case now that freedom isn’t free. If we want to retain what we have, it may come down to war.

Ricky wants to help our military

Mr. Folse will begin his 1,500 ride from New Orleans to Key West, FL to raise money for veterans. He’ll be starting off at 9 am at the World War II museum.

He’s looking forward to the challenge as well as raising money and awareness for a cause that’s important to him and the country, “I’m very excited about the physical challenge,” Folse said. “But I also want to make sure that I’m sharing the right resources and helping veterans out as much as we can.”

The military will support him where they can

People are chipping in. Johnny Smith of the American Veterans Advocacy and Sheriff Tim Soignet of the Terrebonne Sheriff’s Office are lending a hand. Soignet, a veteran himself, has been in touch with law enforcement along Mr. Folse’s journey to give him security.

Soignet is excited Folse can do this. “This is honorable and commendable. I’m proud that someone from Houma is taking that chance to do this. Anything to bring awareness and show the message that there’s help available for veterans is great.”

The military cause is often personal

Folse has already raised $9,000. Funds are going directly to help veterans. Louisiana comedian DJ Rhett put together a GoFundMe page to help Folse out. Folse will put together a documentary as he rides on PTSD and homeless veterans on YouTube under the name RICKFITXTREME. He also has a Facebook page.

Folse has lost three friends since 2020 to PTSD and alcoholism. “If we can help prevent even one death, then this 1,500 miles is worth it,”

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