ACLU Filed 400 Lawsuits Against Trump, Guess How Many Against Biden…

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has not filed a single lawsuit against President Biden in his first 100 days in office. The liberal organization filed a total of 400 lawsuits against President Trump over his four years in office. These lawsuits were primarily focused on immigration, yet the ACLU has had nothing at all to say about the current situation at the border, which has deteriorated under the Biden Administration and attracted widespread criticism.

ACLU content with Biden

The ACLU was an extremely vocal opponent of President Trump and his immigration policies, working constantly to thwart his plans with the aid of activist judges.

A particularly irksome policy for the organization was the attempted restrictions on immigration from Muslim countries which Trump attempted to implement in response to ongoing terror threats.

The fact that Biden immediately halted this Trump policy earned him praise from the ACLU, which released an assessment of his term thus far to mark his first 100 days.

Overall the ACLU appears to be very enthusiastic about the progress which their leftist agenda has achieved under the Biden Administration.

There were only mild criticisms reserved for the border situation, in which they suggest that Biden is not being permissive enough in his treatment of illegal immigrants.

Still, none of the immigration complaints were strong enough to necessitate a lawsuit from group, which instead took on an encouraging tone, expressing their hopes that the Trump legacy will continue to be undone at the border and elsewhere.ACLU

Liberal organizations pleased with Democrats

The ACLU, along with the Anti Defamation League and Southern Poverty Law Center, seems increasingly to be abandoning the always laughable pretense to being impartial and unbiased in the work they do.

These organizations, always liberal, proved to be venomous opponents of the Trump Administration and have continued their crusade against conservatives under Biden.

Like the ADL and SPLC, the ACLU is extremely influential and powerful in relation to the federal government and individual federal agencies.

The fact that the ACLU is not pursuing any action against Biden and his policies suggests that cohesion among leftist groups is fairly high at the moment.

The American Civil Liberties Union certainly has no interest in sticking up for American citizens whose civil liberties are being violated by the Biden regime.

In their goals to further rot American society, however, there seems to be no need for the ACLU to step in; the Biden Administration is doing just fine with that it seems.

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