Maxine Waters

Maxine Waters Clearly Didn’t Get the Memo

Maxine Waters apparently hasn’t gotten the memo yet regarding her party’s prospects for 2022. In addition to declaring that Republicans are “evil” the Democrat claimed with complete confidence that her party would defeat them in 2022 during an interview on MSNBC. In fact, Waters went on to say that Republicans are in fact worse than evil and that this is why the American people will instead vote for her party in next year’s elections.

Maxine Waters announces delusional expectations

Maxine Waters is one of the more unhinged Democrats in Congress but overall she somehow manages to be only slightly less coherent and sensible than most of her colleagues.

Every prediction for the 2022 midterm elections gives the Republican Party a massive advantage as they maneuver to retake the House and Senate.

Far from having complete confidence in their ability to expand their majorities, most Democrats are deeply concerned about their 2022 chances.

2021 may have provided a preview of things to come with its string of electoral victories for Republicans, most notably in Virginia.

Perhaps the most devastating aspect of the 2021 disaster for the Democrats is that voters aren’t so much voting for Republicans as they are voting against Joe Biden and his party.

Voters primarily motivated by a disdain for Biden and the Democrats are unlikely to be persuaded to change their minds with the usual hyperbolic attack ads.

Maxine Waters

Democrats still poised for disaster in 2022

Factions within the party are not nearly as confident as Maxine Waters that they will sweep to an easy victory in 2022 as Biden’s approval ratings continue to flounder.

Still, the party seems to be largely incapable of adapting to the situation and responding accordingly. “Progressive” and “moderate” Democrats are blaming each other mainly for slowing down aspects of the Biden agenda.

The thinking from many party leaders is that voters will return to their side if they can pass the radical legislation which they have been promising.

In actuality most of the voters they have lost are hardly likely to be won over by a doubling down on the Biden agenda, even if they believed that this agenda could be competently implemented.

Inflation is still soaring and both Biden and Harris have shown themselves to be completely feckless and baffled in the face of every major challenge they have faced thus far.

If Maxine Waters is to be proven correct then her party will need a miracle in the form of a Joe Biden who is suddenly ten times as competent and several decades younger. Don’t hold your breath Maxine.

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