Biden and Harris Attempt to Be Sly Foxes, Americans Are NOT Falling for It

Joe Biden lost his cool on the debate stage when President Trump exposed the Democrat plot to pack the Supreme Court after the election. Kamala Harris is being just as strangely coy about answering a similar question in an interview. Democrats are trying to slyly outfox America but conservatives aren’t falling for it. Even moderate liberals are starting to question the radical left methods.

Biden and Harris planning to pack the court

Both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris made it crystal clear in separate instances that they don’t want to talk about their plans for the Supreme Court. Democrats consider it a “legitimate question” but they don’t want to raise it now. Since it’s obvious that there’s simply no way to prevent President Donald Trump from naming Amy Coney Barrett to fill the seat left vacant by “notorious” Ruth Bader Ginsburg, they want to add extra justices until they can recover their majority again. They have a similar plan for the Senate.

They don’t want to talk about the scheme now, because they know it could cost them the election, even with extra Biden ballots and a bunch of misdirected Trump ones. When Trump zeroed in on the issue during the debate, demanding Creepy Joe answer whether or not he planned to “pack” the Supreme Court, the Democrat “openly acknowledged he was dodging the question,” responding, “Whatever position I take on that, that’ll become the issue.” Which means yes, he plans to pack the court.

While Trump incessantly hammered him on the issue Biden could only stammer, “I’m not going to answer the question.” Kamala Harris wasn’t about to answer the question either. To her, “the focus right now is on reminding people that we have this election that is very much in play. We are in the midst of an election. We’ll deal with that later.” And deal with it they will. Or at least, that’s the plan.

Avoid the issue until after the election

Tuesday’s debate scuffle highlighted just how bad Democrats want to avoid the issue before the election. To Biden and Harris, “everything is on the table” that could help regain the Supreme Court and Senate. Radical socialist schemes include adding seats to the Supreme Court and setting term limits for Justices.

The Democrats have their sights on the Senate too. By making places like Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C. “states” they can add a few Senators, which they presume will be Democrat ones. As Carrie Severino, the president of the conservative Judicial Crisis Network writes, “Joe Biden continues to dodge, weave, and refuse to commit that he will not pack the Supreme Court.”

Biden could have slammed the idea like he did with AOC’s Green New Deal fantasy which he insists was replaced by his own private low-cost lite version of the plan, which enraged Bernie Sanders fans.

  1. When all you can do is talk about “your Plan,” and how it will magically fix everything that we face as a country. Yet “your plan” is either curiously lacking in details or there is no details at all, and expect “we the peons” to trust you, then you’re out of your flipping mind. I may not believe or agree with President Trump on everything that he does, but at least he offers some details and explanations. Biden and Harris’s whole campaign platform is “Orange Man Bad!
    Add in Biden and Harris’s Lies and Deflections and you have a piss poor campaign based solely on Trump Derangement Syndrome. To hell with that.

    1. Biden’s “plan” hasn’t changed in the past 47-years, enrich himself and his family while offering the country little more than platitudes.

  2. Pedo Joe won’t be packing the Court because he will NEVER take the Oval Office. See even if the Democraps cheat Pedo Joe and His Ho to a win Pedo Joe won’t be the one sworn in in Jan of 2021. The DNC will have him declared UNFIT for Office ASAP. Either right after the election or right after he is sworn in that way he can say he was President even if it was only long enough to be declared UNFIT. This has been the DNC’s Plan since they conned Pedo Joe into picking the Ho as his VP.

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