Troubling Revelations about the FBI Come to Light

That the FBI is involved in manufacturing many of the plots they allegedly uncover should be no shock at this point. The extent to which the bureau is engaging in entrapment is even disturbing some leftists now; in a number of recent cases agents appear to have gone beyond infiltration to effectively orchestrate entire schemes, often targeting mentally ill individuals and bullying them into providing plots for the FBI to crush.

FBI plot uncovered by FBI

An alleged plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer made headlines and provided justification for a campaign against supposed “right wing terrorism.”

Of the 14 individuals involved in that plot, at least five were working for the FBI. Better yet, the leadership of the plot was almost entire comprised of undercover FBI agents.

These agents latched on to Adam Fox, who is accused of masterminding the plot. In fact, Fox was impoverished, desperate, and almost homeless when the agents convinced him to attack the Whitmer.

Rather than targeting people who are actually dangerous, the FBI has a history of targeting people who seem gullible enough to serve as their scapegoats.

This often takes the form of pursuing individuals with the wrong opinions, like Adam Fox, and berating and bullying them until they finally agree to make a bomb or plot an attack.

In recent years the bureau has increasingly employed these tactics against the right. Before that they followed nearly identical patterns against Muslims as part of the War on Terror.


Entrapment tactics become the norm

The FBI likely has a number of motives which drive them to use such aggressive methods against the alleged Michigan plotters and others.

The bureau needs to justify itself and deflect criticism of its priorities. Having declared confidently that right wing terror is an enormous threat to America, the reality is not good enough to serve the feds.

Right wing terror is practically nonexistent in the United States. The FBI desperately needs to make up the difference and ensure that they have the statistics to point to in defense of their statements.

In part this comes from massively broadening the definition of “terrorism” to include all sorts of nonviolent political activity. It also comes from using agents to effectively invent plots that  other agents can  then “uncover” so that the bureau can brag about their successes.

Additionally, the FBI is, like most federal agencies, an intensely partisan and leftist organization. The bureau is probably quite happy to see an ideological enemy thrown in prison, even if they never presented any real danger.

With their campaign against the right continues the FBI will need to create more and more plots to smash as they work to justify their own self-importance.

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