New Report Shows What Biden Admin is Doing Behind the Scenes

A report from the Associated Press indicates that large numbers of Haitian migrants who have illegally crossed the southern border are being set free inside the United States, despite claims from the Biden administration which promised a large scale expulsion effort. Tens of thousands of Haitians have encamped in Texas, expecting to be received with open arms by the Biden administration.

Report claims Haitians are being released

Hordes of Haitian migrants have come to the border in recent months and the surge in new arrivals shows no sign of stopping.

The AP report indicates that significant numbers of these people are simply being released within the United States and asked to come back in 60 days for their deportation.

Thousands of Haitians are being set free in the United States with no guarantee that they will ever be apprehended and sent back to their home country.

Haiti has always been the most disastrous failed state in the Americas, with grotesque levels of crime, poverty, and political instability seemingly endemic in the country.

There is, unfortunately, no escaping the fact that Haiti is like this because it is run by Haitians; now they make up one of the largest groups of illegal immigrants coming to the United States.

Reports of excessively lenient treatment by the authorities are sure to inspire even more migrants to make the journey in the immediate future.

No end in sight

Migrants have already reacted violently to deportation attempts and there is apparently a severe lack either of resources or willpower to stop the crisis.

Haitians have already set up a makeshift slum near the border between Texas and Mexico; without swift action this may become a permanent feature.

If the floodgates are opened by reports of Biden administration tolerance then the situation could become a catastrophe for the entire region.

Mexico has made an effort to round up Haitians and ease pressure on the US side of the border, moving them elsewhere to be held until they can be moved back to Haiti.

Biden has been criticized for the crisis but he has also received criticism from his own party for any attempts to crack down on the illegal crossings.

The White House has let itself be trapped in a position from which there is no hope of escape. Migrants will continue to come illegally for as long as this president remains in office.

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