Trump Rally Time!…The Hottest Ticket EVER

People respond to hope and positivity far more than when you tear different groups down. From the beginning, Trump has wanted the United States to realize its potential. He’s not done yet, neither are we. We can do SO much more as the one nation we are. The United States is one of the few nations on the globe that allows each individual freedom to be the best you can be. We’re smart enough to change what needs changing and push forward.

Time for the Trump Train to start back up

Trump doesn’t wear a mask either literally or figuratively. What you see is what you get. The American people love that. Those who want power despise it.

He doesn’t wear a mask because at some point, we do indeed need to press forward after the virus. We can’t remain caged in our houses forever.

Americans are defined by the work we do. Doctors. Lawyers. Sanitation workers. All jobs should be done with as much pride as possible. When even low paid jobs are done to the best of that person’s ability, everybody profits both mentally and physically.

Illustrating the left’s hypocrisy with humor

That anybody with eyes can see. It’s okay to protest and riot without masks and social distancing but you’re arrested for opening your business back up for eager customers.

Humor is a fantastic tool for easing the situation and getting your point across. It also at least temporarily neutralizes the opposition.

Americans can see right through all of this. At first, it made sense to quarantine. We had an illness or disease we didn’t know anything about. Wait for the numbers to come in to see how bad this thing is. Once the front line workers see the facts and report on the severity, then the decision should be made to open up or keep in quarantine.

The numbers that weren’t manipulated came in. Yes, it’s dangerous. But the death rate equals that of the flu and we don’t close the nation down for that. The antifavirus is the Democrats and it’s malignant.

Trump respects ALL Americans

To the point of where he noticed the original date set was disrespectful to African Americans. So he changed it. Before the shut down and even during the rioting, Trump has maintained he respects ALL Americans, not just white ones. He wants all Americans to prosper.

Trump regularly reiterates that you’re going to have bad people everywhere. It’s important to remember the overwhelming majority of GOOD people that want justice where appropriate. And throughout history, we’ve always been willing to help others, also where appropriate. We’ll give the shirt off our backs – unless you cross us.

He misses us, the great Americans that want what he wants. They’re looking at a second event in town to accommodate as many people as he can.

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