Mother And Son Were At Hotel, Then Man Opens Fire on Them For ‘Not Social Distancing’

With the increase in fear comes the increase in mental illness. Drugs may have also played a part. There are people who don’t realize that two people together might be related and live together. A mother and son will have no need for social distancing. Social media has people literally screaming to “wear a mask or go home” without knowing or caring about each person’s situation. Maybe that person has been a hermit since the end of March. People still have errands to run.

Not everybody needs to be social distancing

People shouldn’t need to wear signs or T shirts that tell others why they aren’t wearing a mask. It would get ridiculous to have to tell people that two or more people live together, social distancing between them isn’t necessary.

Douglas Marks entered a Miami Beach hotel Monday night and became upset that a mother and son weren’t social distancing.

“You all aren’t social distancing, you all need to leave” Marks told the mother and son.

Douglas Marks took it upon himself enforce the distancing rule

He requested that the front desk should call 911 before he fired four warning shots. He just started shooting. He started to scream orders for the mother and child to move away from each other while firing.

Elio Rodriguez witnessed, told his family to get on the floor. “‘Bam! Bam!’ Real loud, loud. I just grabbed everybody and put them on the floor. I grabbed my daughter and everybody and put them on the floor.”

Douglas Marks, 29, didn’t actually hit the family but he scared everybody within earshot.

This is not unlike yelling fire in a crowded theater

The media can get away with it. The media may really be enjoying the eyes they’re getting. The more fearful the public, the better. Some people are convinced you get COVID, you’re dead. You can’t tell them otherwise.

The isolation rules are going to make people worse. People can’t test daily to see if they’re carriers to avoid spreading to others. Even those who do test can’t be guaranteed their results are correct.

  1. All this fear mongering and lock downs hasn’t help a tiny bit. Real, honest doctors will tell you those mask do not work and are in fact a bigger danger than not wearing one. Social distancing is a good thing but really what good is it if you are out and touching anything anyone else touched who might have the virus? You go out and you chance getting it on your cloths, your shoes, your arms, your legs, and you carry it home. It is a virus. Then we have to face the fact that the numbers fed to us by the CDC and other sources saying so many have the virus and so many were fatalities of the virus is padded by thousands and thousands in order to make it seem worse and for federal dollars paid for treatments. And now we have loonies out shooting and pepper spraying people they deem are not following the rules as they deem they need to. Time to go back to living our lives and screw the people dictating how we should.

  2. This guy must be watching the progressive news and obviously doesn’t know anything about the virus but the lies he’s heard. Besides that he’s a f::ken idiot for pulling a gun on these people. Lock this idiot up. Nuff said!

  3. I have a medical condition that prevents me wearing a mask. It’s none of anyone’s business and they don’t have a right to ask for specifics about my condition. But, I will tell you, I have emphysema, and wearing a mask reduces my oxygen intake. To be honest, no one has challenged me, yet. Just don’t assume you know everything to be able to decide who is right and who is wrong.

  4. How old is the son and why did he ask them to move away from each other if he was just firing warn shots? My guess is he was going to kill the son and not the woman as happens so many times. I guess some think it is OK to kill males but not women. Hey how about we not shoot at ANYBODY.

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