Video: BLM Storm Local Business…Chaos ERUPTS

Black Lives Matter anarchists inflicted chaos on diners and their children in the lone star state of Texas. Violence erupted when the Antifa types peacefully invaded a Dallas restaurant last month. The incident went so viral that it’s still making the rounds. Thankfully, Dallas isn’t one of the liberal cities who want to defund their police. They came and broke up the mob with tear gas.

Chaos in downtown Dallas

The downtown district of Dallas, Texas, erupted into chaos when a roving band of Black Lives Matter anarchists terrorized families and sowed the seeds of wanton destruction before the police regained control.

Conservative correspondent Ian Miles Cheong was quick to tweet out a pair of videos documenting the chaos that were posted originally to instagram, by Damani Felder. The first one appeared under a caption reading, “Black Lives Matter started a riot at an otherwise peaceful restaurant in Dallas by attacking customers and staff. This is what Cultural Marxism looks like.”

The video shows the chaos unfold as a sizable mob of “mostly white protesters” waved signs and chanted racist slogans. “disrupting diners and using profanity with children sitting a few feet away at the restaurant tables.”

An obvious cry for attention

In the audio, Felder can be heard condemning the “self-described Marxists” for their obvious cry for attention. “They’re out here right now trying to act a fool.” He’s one half of the “Right Brothers” famous on YouTube. His narration was soon drowned out by chanting as the demonstration turned into a riot of chaos when staff started trying to protect their patrons.

As Felder, a Black man, was quick to point out, “Here it is, see? they create the unrest and then they get upset when someone actually speaks up for themselves. That’s the problem.” He went on to add, “These people can’t behave. This is Marxism, cultural Marxism to a T! They did not come out here to be heard, they come out to create a scene. You’ve got to realize what this really is and call it out for what it really is.” Anarchy and chaos.

It didn’t take long for the well prepared Dallas Police to appear on the scene and restore law and order with the judicial use of tear gas. Something you won’t see in cities like Portland. “Out here at this restaurant tonight, we had plenty of white people, plenty of black people all out here having a good time,” Felder observed, panning his camera around to document the chaos. “And they came out here to create this scene, and now they’re acting like they’re the oppressed people.”

  1. Resist this trash when you safely can, not everyone is capable of fighting them off, but when you can…neuter them..they are trash!

    1. i agree and have said that from day one when those parasites started doing all the damage if a few of them were taken out with real bullets then watch the cockroaches run all the blm should be rounded up and sent to gitmo never never to be free again they are the scum of the earth just like that black cockroach that killed a 5 yr.old on his tricycle what a coward piece of shit

  2. A new proposal for RIOT CONTROL AMMUNITION.

    12 gauge with 2- “00 buckshot” and the rest with the rest of the round .177 BB’s


  3. The ever peaceful Democrat supported organizations make their demands on America. I wonder why They do not protest, ”Peacefully”, in the Democrat run cities where so many Blacks are murdered?

  4. Another democratically run city. This seems to be the thing for democratic cities and states. Vote democrat and get a belly full of terrorist fondly called ‘Peaceful protesters”. Have your businesses destroyed and your citizens terrorized by paid thugs. They are paid to do this as they are bused in with no jobs nor means to hang out for months and your city mayor allows them to stay.

  5. I pray voters will GO TO THE POLLS in November, and vote out all the liberalist Democat-Socialists. That’s a good start to reclaiming America from these loons. Then when such idiots have been replaced with conservatives, things will begin to shift towards law and order again, and start locking these ANTIFA and BLM thugs away for a very long time. Put them on a chain gang.

  6. thanks, Mark. Viva Arizona! May it rain. We had one ‘riot’ that turned out to be a raid on the Scottsdale Mall, about like raiding Candy Land. Word is, antifa and BLM neonazis here are teaching a major ploy to their blind faith followers, cut and run. Do not never ever get a little old lady mad at you. those grannies are deadly. It is Indian country 🙂 walk in beauty, haw’!

  7. I hope these thugs are convicted and ordered to pay restitution to this restaurant. As for their customers, I hope this incident creates a tsunami of support.

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