Rent Argument Turns Fatal: Black Man Chops White Man’s Head Off With Samurai Sword

The day before he was beheaded, a White Connecticut landlord paid the local police a visit. He wanted to clue them in that his deadbeat nutcase of a tenant, who happens to be both Black, and a declared anarchist, was dangerously waving a samurai sword around. Obviously the Hartford police didn’t lift a finger to do anything about it, since Black anarchy is currently the height of fashion, while law enforcement is something to be done away with. Rent payments and keeping your head on your shoulders are a White privilege thing of the past in Hartford.

Using a sword to pay the rent

If you’re Black, the next time your landlord comes knocking at the door, pestering you for one of those bothersome rent payments, Just chop off his head. That’s what 42-year-old Jerry David Thompson did. Imitation or not, the samurai sword he used to decapitate his Connecticut roommate did a neatly efficient job, as police later learned.

Victor King, aged 64 at the time of his untimely demise, chose to retire from his career with Travelers insurance company in a home on Asylum Avenue but he never expected to lose his head there. The nationally known bridge player had a spare room and decided to rent it out. His tenant belonged in an asylum of the more traditional kind. One where they take sharp cutlery like a samurai sword away for safekeeping.

The day before his murder, King warned the police he was worried about the sword because “Thompson had waved the blade at him.” You can’t play bridge with only three people so when King’s friends couldn’t get him on the phone, they called the cops. “Police and firefighters later forced their way into the house and discovered the grisly, bloody scene.” It didn’t take long for them to track Thompson down and pull him over “in the city’s North End, but he refused to say anything to investigators.”

A sovereign citizen

Thompson is firmly standing on his Constitutional Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination and not saying a word. He declared to investigating officers that he is a “sovereign citizen,” scribbling on a piece of paper, “paper in glove compart in Jeep is all you need,” according to the police report. Detectives found his note, “suggesting that he considered himself a sovereign citizen and not subject to the law.” In other words, an anarchist. Responsible sovereign citizens only use a sword for self-defense, not rent disputes.

He’ll be subject to the law sitting in a cage for a while, before he gets to explain his political philosophy to a judge, without using a sword to do it this time. Thompson is no stranger to the police or the courts. He has “previous convictions for assault and robbery.” He didn’t say a word in court on Tuesday and now liberals are rushing to raise $2 million with a go fund me account to raise his bail. Rumors are that someone has reached out to George Soros and a check could be forthcoming.

Victor King performed Information Technology functions at Travelers for over 20 years, “retiring in 2018 to focus on playing bridge.” He was reportedly an expert. “He was very good at it. Very good at teaching others to play it. Just a kind and gentle person whose first love was bridge,” his cousin Jim Banks recalls. Paul Linxwiler, who serves as executive editor of the league’s Bridge Bulletin, described King as a Grand Life Master, “which is our highest rank.” To get that, “you have to play a lot, and you have to be good, too.” A samurai sword trumps all four aces.

    1. Slowly with a rusty dull blade.
      Cases like this no punishment would be cruel and unusual.

  1. This is so disgusting! This poor man works all his life, gets to retire and enjoy the rest of his life and this asshole kills him. This slime should hang for this. Put it on tv and let us watch him squirm until dead. Time to take back our country. If the blacks want a war lets get it on. 7 percent of the population against 60 percent! Let’s make sure all the BLM blacks are gone then we can work on all those white BLM assholes! Nuff said!

  2. I guess if you’re black or a BLM supporter now anything goes, yet white people brandishing firearms on their own property to protect their home and family from a threatening mob is worthy of felony charges

  3. Were the disgusting and late William Kunstler to return form the grave and take this creep’s case, he would use the “black rage” defense.

  4. Another democratically run state, governor and mayor are democrats. That tells you why nothing was done until it was too late.

  5. But Blacks are allowed to do this, without police or law enforcement interference, without conviction, without courts, without jail. This is what they want. SO let the civilized people of this country deny police from entering any area where is a Black person, and let them rob, rape, burn. and murder each other. They really want this! If the rest off society doesn’t agree to this, they are RACISTS, according to the demented thinking of Blacks.

  6. Vet another HERO for the Progressives and Left. No doubt that Biden will bestow him a Congressional Medal of Honor. This is the alternate universe that we now reside.

  7. Typical LIBERAL SLIME. The Democraps will come up something or someone to blame for this QUACK killing his landlord seem to be the real victim.

  8. So where’s all the protesters and looters . Why not burn down a couple of buildings over this killing . No word from CNN… oh I forgot they don’t post real news . Seems no one post real news anymore

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