Amazon Cancels Minority Leaders Content Because They Can’t Handle the Truth

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is a well respected leader in the minority community but that didn’t stop Amazon from canceling his documentary. Worse, they dared to do it during Black History Month. The Deep State forces of darkness can’t handle the Truth.

Amazon censors Clarence Thomas

Without a single word of explanation, Amazon Prime suddenly removed the PBS Documentary special “Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in his own words.”

Wow. Even the free speech rights of a Supreme Court justice can be trampled without anyone raising an eyebrow. Apparently the Palace Ministry of Truth didn’t like what Justice Thomas had to say.

It doesn’t mean a thing to the liberals at Amazon that Clarence Thomas happens to be the only Black Justice on the Supreme Court bench. Or, that he’s only the 2nd of his genetic heritage in all of American History. Just as Black History Month was getting into full swing, ever since February 8, the video has been missing in action.

Anyone trying to stream it gets the message, “This video is currently unavailable to watch in your location.” Along with the censorship, your IP address and probably a lot more are likely beamed home to the mothership so you can be flagged out as someone to take a closer look at.

So, maybe it’s a technical glitch you might ask. You can still get the DVD, right? Wrong. That’s been censored by the Amazon ministers of Truth as well.

You can try to order it. They used to have it. Now, as of Friday, you’ll simply be told the disc is “currently unavailable” for purchase. Hmmm. Now things are starting to sound a little spooky.

Producer in the dark

When the producer of the documentary found out about the missing movie, they contacted the retail giant demanding answers. They didn’t get any.

“The Documentary Producer said the film was removed by Amazon at their own discretion and without providing an explanation to the filmmakers.” It’s simply a film that “follows Thomas’ life in his own words and also highlights his transition from a Marxist.” No big deal.

The problem seems to be that Justice Thomas happened to say some things which paint Imperial Leader Joe Biden in a bad light. Amazon seems to be covering up on orders from the Palace.

As noted by Patriot’s Gazette, “The highly politicized and racially charged nomination process Justice Thomas endured was closely documented in the film, including then Senator Joe Biden’s aggressive line of questioning.” Then again, “Justice Thomas’ famous ‘High Tech Lynching’ speech is also a major emotional part of the highly rated documentary.”

Amazon is keeping quiet and have refused to release any kind of a statement to explain why the video was suddenly censored from their distribution network.

It’s impossible to prove that censorship or bias were the motivating factors behind the removal of controversial material but it certainly demands further investigation. Conservatives are already convinced that Big Tech has it in for them.

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