RINO Stumbles and Falls…Democrats to Score a Big Win

RINO Martha McSally made a wild run for a second chance at the Senate, racing for John McCain’s seat this time. She tripped over her tongue on the debate stage and fell flat on her face. Democrats are about to score what they think is a big win. They may eventually learn the same lesson that voters are trying to teach the Arizona branch of the GOP. Maybe next time around they will nominate a Republican. Mark Kelly is allegedly a Democrat but doesn’t act like one.

No more rogue RINO Republicans

In the wild-wild west of Arizona, there’s a huge amount of attention on this year’s Senate race. Former fighter pilot Martha McSally took the debate stage to argue a great case for ex-Astronaut Mark Kelly. The Republican in Name Only RINO pulled the handle on her own ejector seat at around 50,000 feet.

Voters rejected McSally once when she tried to fill the seat left vacant by RINO Jeff [the] Flake and they can’t wait to do it again. In 2018, outraged independent voters sent a clear message “no more ‘moderate’ Republicans.” Either nominate someone true to the principles of the Republican party or go home. If the GOP insists that Arizona voters elect a Democrat, no matter who they pick, they shouldn’t be surprised when they keep ending up with Democrats.

Martha McSally didn’t even try to change her RINO ways on the debate stage. The moderator nailed her to the wall with one simple question, which she tap-danced around and refused to answer. “Are you ‘proud’ of your support for Donald Trump?” She ducked it. The moderator reminded her what the question was and she ducked it again.

“I’m proud to be fighting for Arizona every day!” Ted Simons pressed harder. “Is that a yes or a no for President Trump?” She sidestepped. “Putting legislation on President Trump’s desk.” “So, you’re proud of your support for President Trump?” “The legislation we put on his desk is to CUT ARIZONA’S TAXES!” She seems to forget that she’s appeared at rallies for Trump. He gave her some love on a recent visit and she turned her back on him.

No chance for redemption

McSally sealed her fate as a true RINO with no chance of last minute redemption before the polls close. She finally got around to venting her true views about President Donald Trump. “I’ve publicly and privately repeatedly talked to President Trump and asked him to stop attacking John McCain. Quite frankly, it pisses me off when he does it.”

McCain rubber stamped everything Barack Obama suggested and helped out with the Russia collusion conspiracy which we now know for certain the CIA caught Hillary Clinton engineering. Her standing up for John McCain really pisses off conservative independent voters.

Mark Kelly has views which are controversial but he is at least able to defend them logically. When asked about whether he agreed with the president’s decision to ban travel to China, he quickly said yes. He acknowledged the president “did step one of the emergency procedure.”

You can’t blame him as a Democrat for disagreeing about policy decisions after that, but this is an election after all. The same way that McSally, Flake, and McCain were all rogue RINO’s, Kelly proves that DINO’s aren’t extinct after all.

When McSally resorted to slinging mud, accusing Kelly of belonging to an “extreme left wing” group, which the RINO refused to name, Kelly threw it right back in her face. “The organization that Senator McSally is referring to is named after my wife, Gabby Giffords.” The popular Republican lawmaker was shot in the head in 2011.

You really can’t hold it against the Democrat candidate for being concerned about the issue of “gun violence.” Especially when he makes it crystal clear that “I am a supporter of the Second Amendment, I am a gun owner. Our rights and traditions are so important.” Despite rumors to the contrary, he isn’t out to end the filibuster or install “the most radical agenda that we’ve seen.” Besides that, Democrat Kyrsten Sinema turned out to be a lot easier to work with than Jeff Flake ever was.

Maricopa County Democratic Party chairman Steven Slugocki noted that Republicans are “worried that McSally will lose the seat, and some do not think she is conservative enough.” David McIntosh, the president of the conservative Club for Growth admitted to CNN that “McSally is a ‘weak’ candidate who ‘doesn’t excite Republicans,'” and mentioned that “she lost to Sinema in 2018 before being appointed to fill McCain’s seat in 2019.” Those weren’t the only choice words he had about the RINO. “Let’s just say she didn’t pull it off last time when she had a weaker opponent. I’m not too optimistic about this time.”

    1. No Dan Arizona had no problem until we were overrun by illegals voting and the idiots from California coming here.

      1. Isn’t it funny this must be reset talking point. GOP failed miserably in debate – well New York Times Headline about another race. Same verbiage. Gop just better pavk their bags it’s over – since Biden can’t get more than 10 or 12 paid participants at his rally’s I think this is another push to discourage trump voters. In Florida 30000 that’s 30,000 automobiles came for a rally. Peddle you’re lies somewhere else

  1. Don’t know where they get the idea she is a rhino and this is pure BS. Try looking at her voting record instead of this posted crap.

  2. NO WORRIES ALL; really folks the only thing all of US needs to recognize right now is; the election will be contested no matter what the winning tally is, or who actually wins. It will be contested and it will lead to internal war. Not kidding here. This is truly serious and it is part of what makes this Constitutional Republic survive. The time to water, (feed) The Liberty Tree is upon US once again. One Hundred Fifty Five years after our last feeding of The Tree, WE shall renew ourselves again. The Socialist Democrats, (a.k.a. NAZIS) have endeavored to brick in America’s Constitutionalists, but The Constitutionalists hold all of the weapons and firepower, and have a PLAN. That plan will spell the end to many personalities currently in the news and reporting the ‘so-called’ news. Good Luck everyone and GOD BLESS AMERICA!

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