Couple Who Stood Their Ground Then Made Example of By Crooked Democrat, Find Closure as State AG Steps in

It’s perfectly legal to stand your ground with firearms in defense of your home in Missouri. The state’s Attorney General stood up for what’s right on Thursday and dismissed the bogus case against Mark and Patricia McCloskey. The liberal city prosecutor was overstepping his boundaries to the point of political persecution. All the St. Louis couple was trying to do was legally defend their home from a violent mob “with firearms, during an anti-police protest,” like the Second Amendment says they can.

Perfectly legal to stand your ground

As Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt posted on twitter, “citizens shouldn’t be targeted for exercising” their Second Amendment right to self-defense.” AG Schmitt is convinced that St. Louis prosecutor Kim Gardner “is engaged in a political prosecution.” The city attorney was offended that the McCloskey’s would dare to stand their ground and defend their home from a mob of anarchists, with firearms.

The state level Attorney General was so upset that he personally stepped in to make things crystal clear. Self-defense is a right. You’re allowed to stand your ground and use force if necessary to protect your castle and defend your family.

Schmitt wanted to be crystal clear. “They were defending the safety of their family. Enough is enough. I simply will not standby as our laws become ignored.” It’s nice to hear a public official standing his ground and supporting the enforcement of laws. Liberal cities around the nation are abandoning entire swaths of territory to anarchists.

Governor offered couple a pardon

Missouri Governor Mike Parson also boldly defended Mark McCloskey and Patricia McCloskey for having the courage to arm themselves and hold a violent mob of anarchists at bay by standing their ground. If the silly city prosecutor would have prevailed, Parson was all set to step in with a pardon, “without a doubt.”

Sean Hannity asked the governor about the couple who dared to stand such controversial ground. “The Missouri couple who protected their home with firearms, they’ve been charged with a felony. There were no police that night. The gate was broken down. They’ve now taken their weapons away. Will you pardon them?”

“Without a doubt. I’ll do everything within the Constitution of the State of Missouri to protect law abiding citizens. They’re being attacked by a political process. They had every right to protect their property and their home,” said the Governor. He didn’t come out and say “stand your ground,” but he meant it. “People have a right to protect themselves, their families, and their property.” The violence is unacceptable. “Anarchy has been out of control in New York City. One NYPD officer was mowed down by a rioter in a car. More than 30 members of the NYPD injured by rioters.”

    1. Not only was this political but the prosecutor engaged in obstruction of justice by altering evidence with one of the guns, all this designed to strengthen her bogus case. She should be disbarred for her actions.

  1. It’s time for law abiding American patriots to resist the seditionists. Don’t start a fight, but end it permanently.

  2. I really hope like hell the McClosky’s will SUE the SH*T out of Kim Gardner, and anyone else who was behind this tactic of the left. I really hope Missourians will vote out this left-wing prosecutor, and others like her. It’s time to make them pay, with their jobs taken away from them. Make Kim Gardner a living example of what will happen when a left operative prosecutor oversteps their legal bounds.

    As always Mark, great reporting!

  3. Thank You from Ontario Canada.I also have the second admendment on my property guaranteed by an 1825-30 Crown Patent.We are overrun by ignorant liberals and false statute government courts who have taken over our public courthouses and have made a mockery of COMMON LAW which backs our Crown Patent.This is refreshing info.and God Bless Ken Hughes

  4. Kim Gardner should be fired for charging innocent people. The criminal elements in her town have been delayed hearings/trials yet she immediately found time to prosecute a couple merely protecting their property from hoodlums/gangsters.

  5. It’s good to see at least one has the balls to made this crap right . F#ck that bitch that things her shit don’t stink . Why is she still in the job she doesn’t do ???

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