Rhode Island Special Election Called

Rhode Island voters rushed to the polls to fill a vacant seat in Congress that was previously held by Democrat Rep. David Cicilline who left his post earlier this year.

Close to a dozen Democrats offered their names for the position and in the end, Gabe Amo was declared the winner of the special election.

This election was seen as an important one as it came just before House Speaker Kevin McCarthy indicated that he may be open to launching an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden over allegations of bribery and other nefarious dealings with foreign governments.

Unlike former Speaker Nancy Pelosi who unilaterally announced that the House would move forward with an impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump without first holding a vote of the full House, Republicans are taking a different approach when it comes to President Joe Biden.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has stated that any impeachment inquiry would only move forward if there is majority support from the GOP controlled House, saying “The American people deserve to be heard on this matter through their elected representatives” and not by “one person” alone.

Fox News reported that Republican leaders were looking at potentially launching such an inquiry later this month.

President Joe Biden is facing increasing pressure from Republicans who have accused him of bribery and other malicious dealings with foreign governments, leading many to think they will launch an impeachment inquiry against him soon.

While House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said any such action must come through a vote of the full House rather than one individual alone, sources told Fox News that some Republican leaders were considering doing so later this month.

Whether or not such proceedings go ahead remains unclear but it could possibly lead to major changes in Washington D.C.

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