They Have Been Muzzled…Forbidden to Question the Narrative

Journalists aren’t allowed to do their job. They can’t question and probe as to why something might not look right. They could get fired. The Paul Pelosi attack has muzzled parts of the press. Glenn Greenwald is an independent journalist who doesn’t care if the instantly formed narrative is true or not. It might be proven true. The point is it can’t be questioned. This is true now for any topic. Narrative first.

Journalists need to parrot one thing

Greenwald tweeted out, “It’s very possible that the instantly formed media narrative — Paul Pelosi’s attacker was a MAGA fanatic who broke in to murder Nancy — will be proven true. But right now there are so many glaring doubts and holes in that story that it just takes common sense to question this.”

Certain members of the media are allowed to start it. If you question them, you’re a conspiracy theorist.

“It’s genuinely alarming how conditioned so much of the U.S. population is to equate skepticism toward the pronouncements of media corporations with mental illness: ‘If you don’t instantly accept what Wolf Blitzer and Andrea Mitchell claim, then you’re a crazy conspiracy theorist.’”

Journalists don’t have the most secure career

They join the long list of careers in that category. Greenwald spoke on that, “It’s so crucial to understand the dynamic dominating journalism. Few journalists have career security. Imagine you’re a young journalist at a big media corporation. You know if you ask these questions, Twitter will explode and it can ruin your career.”

He shared a tweet from fellow journalist Steve Krakauer that included a list of questions that should be addressed.

  • “Why weren’t there signed of forced entry at Pelosi’s home?”
  • “Who was the 3rd person who opened door for police?”
  • “Why was Pelosi holding hammer and attack only happened after police arrived?”
  • “Where is bodycam/security footage?”
  • “Why isn’t the press asking these questions?”

Journalists see the holes

During Russiagate, journalists who worked with larger corporations were grateful Greenwald pointed this out because they couldn’t do it. “One Twitter mob against them for questioning Dem narrative (see @DashaBurns or @BoKnowNews) can be career-ending.” he said.

People have learned now to not question what certain members say this close to the mid terms. Greenwald explained, “Why stick their heads up, provoke a liberal Twitter mob, and be branded? That’s the climate.”

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