Mother Makes Disturbing Discovery in Her Amazon Package

A woman from Wisconsin recently experienced the global battle between Israel and its opponents firsthand. Shira Goldman, a mother from Madison, purchased the book “Israel: A Simple Guide to the Most Misunderstood Country on Earth” from Amazon, only to discover that it had been defaced with barcode stickers reading “Free Palestine” when it arrived at her address.

She was understandably disturbed by this violation of her faith and mentioned it in Facebook groups where she is a member.

A representative from Amazon took up her case and investigated the incident swiftly leading to the dismissal of the culprit responsible for damaging her book. Furthermore, they made sure that she received another copy as soon as possible – even sending one from a warehouse hours away just to get it to her faster.

It was clear that this became an immediate priority for Amazon – something Shira appreciated tremendously when she thanked them for their help in resolving the issue so quickly.

Noa Tishby, author of the book that had been vandalized also spoke out against this unacceptable act in an X post saying: “I was sent this picture of my book that someone bought from Amazon. The book was totally defaced. Free Palestine stickers were put all over the book.”

In response, Amazon apologized both to Shira Goldman and Noa Tishby for what happened and acknowledged taking such incidents seriously while reassuring customers that those responsible no longer worked at their company.

This incident has drawn attention to how difficult navigating through intense hatred towards Israel can be – especially since their response last month resulted in over 1,400 casualties by Palestinian terrorist group Hamas alone.

Companies like Amazon have come under fire for selling merchandise with slogans like “from river to sea” which many feel are too closely tied with eliminating Israel altogether despite arguing otherwise themselves claiming that these items don’t promote violence or hatred towards anyone – regardless of religious background or national identity.

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