After Posting Steamy Bikini Selfies, These Female Healthcare Professionals Faced MAJOR Backlash

The subject of “steamy” bikini selfies torched off a major backlash of controversy. An article in the Journal of Vascular Surgery basically called female healthcare professionals “sluts,” simply for posting snapshots from a day at the beach. Even though the biased article has been retracted, it’s already had unfair consequences for some.

Wearing a bikini is not ‘inappropriate’

Female medical professionals are fighting back hard on unfair allegations, and causing a mammoth backlash of their own. Simply wearing a bikini is not inappropriate behavior. If the Journal of Vascular Surgery had done a better job of fact checking the supposedly “peer-reviewed” research, they would have noticed that men wearing bathing suits were not similarly discriminated against.

The Journal recently published a study called “Prevalence of unprofessional social media content among young vascular surgeons.” It concluded that “publicly available social media content may affect patient choice of physician, hospital, and medical facility.” According to the study, posting “unprofessional” social media content, including bikini photos, may “affect professional reputation among peers and employers.” Med student Londyn Robinson, creator of the hashtag, “confirmed that #MedBikini has already resulted in people’s schools and residency programs being contacted.”

The three men who conducted the so-called “study,” didn’t even consider photos of men in bathing suits when they declared that snapshots of medical professionals garbed in widely available women’s bikini swimwear is a demonstration of “inappropriate attire.” It ranks side by side with drug use, drug paraphernalia content, controversial political or religious content, or any other controversial social topics. The reviewers at the Journal didn’t notice anything controversial in declaring that what someone wears in their off duty time can affect their professional skills.

Doctors are humans too

Female doctors, nurses, and other health care workers who were rightfully outraged over the study decided to fight back hard to show doctors are human beings too and can wear a bikini any time they want. They flooded social media with photos under the #MedBikini hashtag. The general idea they are promoting is that “women who wear them are smart, capable, and should be treated as such.”

Dr. Candice Myhre shared some particularly explicit photos. They disturbingly show a gaping hole in a man’s leg after a boat ran over him. He’s extremely thankful that Dr. Myhre was on the beach to save him, even if her clothing is considered “inappropriate.” The doctor’s social media post reads, “Dr. Bikini will save your life in the middle of the ocean when you get hit by a boat.” Dr. Myhre got the man stabilized there on the beach, had him flown to a hospital within an hour, directed all the diagnostics, stitched his wounds and splinted a leg fracture. All in her bathing suit.


“NEWSFLASH FEMALE DOCTORS CAN WEAR WHATEVER THEY WANT. Female doctors, nurses, NPs/PAs, all healthcare professionals — we can wear a bikini, a dress, or we can wear scrubs. This does not change how good we are at being a healthcare provider. We can wear WHATEVER we want on our free time, and still save your life.”

Since the bikini controversy went viral, the authors have apologized and the Journal retracted the article. They issued a formal statement noting, “Although the editors of JVS believe that the authors of this paper were attempting to advise young vascular surgeons about the risks of social media, the review process failed to identify the errors in the design of the study with regards to conscious and unconscious bias.” They hope that will be some consolation to “every person who has communicated the sadness, anger and disappointment caused by this article.”


  1. Beautiful women inside and out. The one I have seen before she saved a man while on vacation. That is the lady in the picture with the guy with the bad leg and Muslim woman in back ground. What they have done is NOTHING to be upset over. They are proving that their beauty is not just on the outside they show it to be inside as well. Miss Santos is the best looking on to me.

  2. I must agree, folks, that clothing does not necessarily alter one’s professional learning, however, one’s professional status is certainly affected by how one dresses; this is a fact that we cannot escape no matter how much we wriggle and argue against it. And this is why God counsels us to live decently and becoming of a lady and a gentleman of God. If women only knew the extent of sexual perversion, the marketing of girls, women and children including boys now (think Epstein and the elite that promoted and condoned him) they would never betray their chastity and femininity by exposing the tempting parts of their body. It is a fact of our sinful life that the beautiful activity of sex in marriage, or eating of food has been corrupted till we have arrived to the level of beasts-even wild animals have more decorum than intelligent human beings. As the Brazilian writer says, We are free,” yes, but freedom without restriction and rules of engagement is not freedom but enslavement. Just look at how freedom can be abused and desecrated by the rioters and governors of certain States in the US. So while we are free to dress as we wish, our freedom displays our care and concern not just for our own safety, but the safety of the vulnerable girls, women, and men. The sooner we follow God’s plan for us the better for our society. Just some thoughts to ponder.

  3. Hog-wash with the Journal of Vascular Surgery, these ladies look terrific and if they want pictures in bathing suits it is their business. There is noting inappropriate with their attire or poses.

  4. The ladys look real nice to me . I can’t say how every body feels about looking at sexy ladys … but I for one like looking at them . Ladys… in my book …. yall rock

  5. Hera Hear Ladies please don’t change on my account, actually I think I will go and make an appointment with my primary, then ask for Specialist referrals, whatever I can…roflmao beautiful women. Then go to the beach, oh wait I live in Broward and you can protest in great numbers but you can’t go to the beach..

  6. The ones in red…the lady at the right end of the picture should have thought twice in weighing 175 pounds and a gut and thinking to wear a bikini. I am not in the best of shape and I would NEVER wear anything that shows my pot belly. She may think its ok but nobody wants to see an obese woman or man parading around in a skimpy bathing suit.

  7. That’s fine for those who have the shape on the beach but in the hospital room, put on a cover and wash hands, etc. when working on a patient. Unfortunately there is plenty of germs in a hospital room especially working with open cuts, etc. Coming from a beach, your bodies have a lot of sand and bacteria on you and it is not fun to end up with an infection from the beach where there are all kinds of dead stuff from the ocean. With all the times I have had surgery or just sewing up a finger I don’t want infections the type that killed a friend of mine from an infected wound that showed up from a minor surgery. So, keep the outfit at the beach and use the gowns, etc. that hospitals have to protect yourself and your patient from germs, period. That is called respect, period. Oh, and pretend it is your child or family member in that room with you and even at the beach. I take clothes with me to the beach so I can roam to any store near me, excuse me for using my head.

  8. They shouldn’t do this, but there are far worse things out there now than this and they are the ones dealing with it.

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