Shocking Developments With Freedom Convoy

Truckers are solid and strong and they’ll need that backbone to deal with a government that isn’t listening anymore. We’re in an undeclared war. The Freedom Convoy is now seeing people being arrested. Once the state of emergency was called, Ottawa police began detaining those belonging to the convoy occupying Parliament Hill. Attorneys based in Ottawa are receiving calls from truckers in custody.

Trudeau is working against the convoy

David Amber is one of the local attorneys receiving calls from convoy members. Amber has worked on lock down cases in the past so people are getting in touch with him.

One person may have seen police harassing and putting people in the back of a police cruiser. CTV news said some people were arrested for “mischief”, for bringing fuel and supplies to the convoy.

Police may be active

There maybe police action against the convoy taking place in our nation’s capital, Washington, DC. Law enforcement maybe taking fuel from the truckers. This is taking property without a warrant.

A reporter named Lincoln Jay said when the camera showed up, law enforcement stopped what they were doing. Ottawa police vowed a “surge and contain” strategy to deal with the protest so two days after this took effect, they took action.

State of Emergency

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson declared a state of emergency Sunday night to allow for whatever measures were deemed necessary to deal with the occupation. Eyes will be watching to see what police and the government are going to do.

Another Canadian charity, The Democracy Fund, has deployed a street team of lawyers to make sure the truckers have whatever legal representation they might need. Their website is When the convoy successfully blocked the Ambassador Bridge on the Ontario-Michigan border, police moved in with armored vehicles and snipers.

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