Watch: Violent Gun Fight Erupts Between Thug and Multiple Chicago Police Officers

Chicago Police were surprised to learn they allowed a thug prisoner to bring a gun with him in the transport van. They discovered their little mistake as they opened the door to get him out, and he started blazing away. Lead flew like rain and the violent battle raged for seemingly endless seconds before three officers were carried off to the hospital. What’s left of the prisoner went to the hospital with them.

Carjack suspect had a gun

On Thursday morning, three officers of the Chicago Police Department were injured “by a carjacking suspect” who was being hauled into the station for booking. They didn’t find the gun he had, before they stuffed him in the back of the paddy wagon, which would have made things much simpler. The prisoner planned his ambush as the van rolled along to the 25th District police station.

As reported by the Chicago Sun Times, about 9:40 a.m., “When the van pulled up behind the police station and the officers opened the doors, the suspect opened fire on them.” Stunned officers “returned fire and a long gun battle ensued.” The 25th District station also houses a detective bureau on Chicago’s West Side.

As related by David Brown, the superintendent of the Chicago Police, at a press conference following the incident, “one officer was shot in the chin and in his bullet-proof vest.” A “second officer was also shot in his ballistic vest but the round did not penetrate the body armor.” While the “third police officer was shot in the hip.” A fourth officer went along for the ride, not for a gun shot wound but because he was having chest pains following all the excitement. They’ll be rationing his donuts for a while.

No such thing as an ordinary transfer

There’s no such thing as ordinary in the professional life of a law enforcement officer. Any minor traffic stop could turn surprisingly fatal. Superintendent Brown emphasized that to his officers. “I want to strongly emphasize the inherent danger that these and all Chicago police officers experience everyday protecting the residents of Chicago.” They never know when someone found a creative new place to hide a gun. “When they leave home, they leave their loved ones, and put these stars on and risk everything. They risk everything protecting all of us.”

Right after the near-fatal gun battle, cell phone video hit social media. Apparently, it was filmed from “behind a barbed wire fence on the opposite side of a field from where the police station was located.” You can’t see the action but “more than 50 gunshots were heard in the video as the battle raged behind the police station, many in rapid succession.” Adding to the tension, “there were reports that protesters were on the way to 25th District.”

As related by Tom Ahern, a spokesman for the Chicago PD, three of the officers were transported to nearby Loyola Hospital but one of the wounded men was routed to the Illinois Masonic Media Center for treatment. The “officer who was shot in the chin/neck area was in serious condition,” and the others are listed in “good” condition. The gun slinger “was also shot multiple times” and there’s no information available about how he’s doing.

  1. Wow, where were these cops trained?! They did NOT check the suspect for weapons on his person (before loading him up on the transport wagon/van) ?! How stupid can one be!!
    And if its only ONE suspect in the van; how can you waste over 50!bullets and NOT hit the suspect multiple times (which would have improved the cops odds of taking him down!)?! Are these cops going out to the shooting range to improve their shooting skills/marksmanship?!
    Unbelievable! These are NOT our finest!

  2. They should NEVER have taken the thug to a hospital. He should have been left to bleed out on the street. The police should do the same to the COWARDLY THUGS RIOTING All over the City. Use lethal force when the first stone or other object was thrown at an officer or anything else, a single person is attacked, or the slightest flicker of flame is seen. That would be the right reaction Gun them all down and give the survivors a blast from a shotgun to the base of their Skulls.

  3. Now what is the difference than happens in any major city, look at Florida which has more gun violence than even New York, and far more crime and it has a Republican Government. Gun fights between crooks the mob and just plain gangs is nothing new in any place in the USA.
    Maybe in the boon docks this does not often, or when it does it is so rural that it is hard for the police to corner the culprits. Now since the beginning of time there has been those that want to kill, rob, rape, or hurt others in some way. Now this is accelerated by persons driving division and making others feel like they are not part of this USA today.

  4. Well, we know the suspect wasn’t white or the media would of reported that fact over and over, and the Chicago police are not training their officers very well or this guy would not have had a gun on him, and last but not least it isn’t surprising it happened in Chicago where tight gun control seems to be a big joke as more and more are killed with illegal guns while the law abiding citizens are unable to defend themselves. What can you expect from liberal democratically run city and states? Just take a good look at what is going on in them now.

  5. Which was it “film” or “video” — vastly different technologies. I have considerable experience with each of them.
    Hope that perp is dead, dead, dead with a well deserved DARWIN AWARD.
    For some crimes there is no CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT.

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