Failed Bottom Feeder Democrat Caught in a Sh*t Storm

You welcome suggestions when you are among those who call for defunding the police which would be the best option! A Democrat will talk “communication” but it has nothing to do with that, it’s more public relations. Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms basically said yes, it’s bad. Public safety is our top priority. If you have a solution we haven’t attempted, I’m all ears. Because you’re a Democrat, you needed to talk defund.

Another Democrat needing to tow the line

Although America wants police protection. Double speaking does you no good here. The Atlanta Journal Constition reported that, “Atlanta’s homicide count is the highest it’s been in more than two decades following a violent Christmas weekend that left three people dead across the city.”

City Councilman Howard Shook slammed the mayor and interim police chief after hearing the news that a 7 year old girl was shot and killed by a stray bullet while Christmas shopping. “I don’t want to hear the word ‘uptick.’ Stop minimizing our concerns by telling us that ‘crime is up everywhere. Spare us from the lie that the steady outflow of our officers isn’t as bad as it is. And please, not another throw-away press conference utterly devoid of game-changing action steps. Both Bottoms and Atlanta police Interim Chief Rodney Bryant have used similar language when discussing the spike in homicides in recent months.”

The Democrat offered platitudes

She has to hold the party platform regardless that innocent people need protection. Her position is “not an abdication of responsibility, but an acknowledgement of the widespread severity of this issue. … While we continue to keep public safety as a top priority, senseless gun violence continues to impact innocent lives. If there are solutions that we have not explored and enacted, I welcome the suggestions, as I am always open to making the city that I am raising my children in a safer place for us all.”

The hand wringing continued. “Our hearts are broken by the senseless murder of Kennedy. While the Atlanta Police Department has significant leads in the apprehension of those responsible, it does not erase the pain felt when a beautiful, vibrant and loving child is tragically taken from her family. We urge the public to continue to provide information that will lead to the arrests of the careless and heartless people responsible for Kennedy’s death.”

Democrat policies have always led to disaster

In this case the fake news doesn’t have to make up bad news to get eyes. “11 Alive” published “The Atlanta Police Department says it is operating with fewer police officers now than it was at the start of the year. According to the department, there are 1,603 officers currently on the force, about 400 short of its ‘authorized strength’ of 2,046 total officers”.

Atlanta police spokesman Steve Avery acknowledged what the Democrat couldn’t or wouldn’t. “We have been operating at less than full staffing for a while. The numbers fluctuate as people come and go.” Turnover is “not out of line with what we are seeing with numerous departments across the nation today, due to the current climate surrounding policing in United States. The reasons for the attrition are varied, we have some officers opting for retirement, some deciding to pursue other careers outside of policing entirely, as well as officers taking advantage of opportunities with other departments outside of Atlanta.”

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