Officials Who Pushed to Defund Police, Now Need ARMED Security to Keep Them Safe from Patriots

Liberal leaning Democrats in Michigan have been insisting on defunding the police all year, now that they need to get election officials pledged to cast a final and official endorsement of Joe Biden into the capitol to vote, suddenly they need armed security. They don’t mind looting or arson, they don’t care about all the violent criminals who were released from confinement so they wouldn’t catch the flu, they’re terrified of patriots.

They don’t want police but need security

On Monday, 16 official “electors” in the state of Michigan will make their way into Lansing, the state capitol. Each and every one are Democrats, slated to vote in line with the rigged election results for Joe Biden.

After howling all summer to pull the funding from police, suddenly the liberals are worried about their safety. They’re so terrified of conservative patriots that they’ll be provided their own personal police security escort.

The Democrats are nervous because everyone already knows that patriots will be rallying in demonstration outside the Capitol, enraged over the way the election has been stolen. Last week the Michigan Secretary of State got a scare.

Jocelyn Benson was getting ready to watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas with her son when a mob of angry voters violated her sense of security by surrounding her home.

Officials note that the security is needed because of the expected “violent” protests. They will be accompanied by law enforcement officers. So far, patriots have not caused a single violent incident, even though massive numbers of them come together.

Meanwhile, peaceful Democrats dressed in black with improvised weapons and home made riot gear have been burning and looting America for months, while the police stand around and watch.

Stop the steal

Democrats need so much security because “a pro-Trump group plans to protest the results on Monday,” Patch reports. The dangerous group is intent on a plan to “Stop the Steal.”

They are convinced that the election was rigged and have announced they will be stationed outside the Michigan Capitol “throughout Monday.”

Despite all the proponents of replacing the Constitution with Sharia law, Michigan is an “open carry” state so you can expect patriots to be heavily armed. The Governor still isn’t feeling like she has enough security.

Not only did protesters descend on her home too, some extremists, possibly prodded into it by Deep State elements of the FBI, were all set to “burn down the state capitol” and kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Despite everyone screaming about all the evidence indicating serious and widespread election fraud, Michigan rushed to certify the results. They want everyone to believe the fantasy that Biden won the state with a 154,000 vote majority.

The corrupt electors wouldn’t need security if that was true. Patriots are gathering in Washington D.C. this weekend for a rally of “Biblical” proportions. Jericho March combines Prayer rally and march featuring General Michael Flynn, Archbishop Carlo Vigano, and other notable patriots.

They plan to march “around the city the same way the corrupt city of Jericho was conquered as described in Joshua 6.”

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