Sidney Powell Hints at MASSIVE Outcome

Sidney Powell is probably going to turn the Democrats, the media and any other concerned entity on its collective ear provided the rule of law is still adhered too. At least three states are under the gun. They’ll provide the electoral votes needed to keep Trump in office. It didn’t make sense that Republicans won across the board, clear down to the smallest office nationwide – and Trump wasn’t re elected.

Sidney saw a lot of things happening

That were very wrong. She’s another person willing to do this pro bono as patriots try to donate what they can in both time and money. She hasn’t been paid a dime yet.

This is bigger than Trump. Those who are willing to look at the other side of the coin might be able to see that. Trump has said if he loses fair and square, he’ll step aside. But he doesn’t think that’s happened.

Sidney is having to use alternate media

Like many conservatives have had to do. Twitter has removed her handle and the two websites. Technology can be used to talk to people. It can also be used for nefarious purposes.

There are other voices being heard even as the left continues to either scream or move very quietly behind the scenes, depending on what’s needed.

This is one of the reasons the President and his team are being quiet. There’s movement going on.

Texas isn’t the only state that sees a lot of problems going on with PA, GA, MI and WI. A total of 17 states have joined in that Supreme Court lawsuit.

Sidney and teams will get the job done

Provided those on the SCOTUS are willing to enforce the laws of the nation. Fellow conservatives have expressed concern that fellow patriots need to be protected.

The ability to govern may come into question. If the election isn’t legitimized as much as possible, rules may be unenforceable. Again, without the rule of law our nation is in trouble. Sidney Powell and team, indeed, do your best.

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