McCarthy’s in Trouble

A small section of Republicans are consistently saying no to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s efforts to be Speaker. It’s historic. No speaker vote has ever exceeded one ballot and there’s been three rounds so far. The House adjourned without breaking the stalemate Tuesday. In the first two rounds, 19 members voted for anybody but McCarthy, settling instead on Jim Jordan. But Jordan doesn’t want it.

McCarthy in trouble

In the third round those same 19 members plus Byron Donalds of Florida voted for Jordan even as Jordan advocated for McCarthy. Jordan is happy in the position he has and wants to promote party unity.

He currently leads the House Judiciary Committee which is investigating a number of problems including the politicization of the DOJ and FBI, the southern border crisis and big tech censorship. He said he doesn’t want the speaker position, “I’ve been clear. I want to chair the Judiciary Committee.”

Nothing can happen

No further tasks can happen til a speaker is elected. New members can’t be sworn in, rules can’t be established, can’t appoint committee members, pass legislation, hold hearings, or issue subpoenas. The House hands are tied.

McCarthy is working on it. He’s not stopping and will see if some members can vote present to lower the threshold he needs to be voted in. On the last ballot he received 202 votes and needs 218 to win.

Trump supports McCarthy

That important support is there. Trump thought McCarthy “deserves the shot”. He thinks those that oppose McCarthy are “playing a very dangerous game.”

Democrats could unite with centrist Republicans which would be a disaster. On the Democrat side, Hakeem Jeffries secured the vote there. He said the Democrats were more united, they commonly vote in lockstep with each other.

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