They Finally Captured Him

Tyler Terry, who led police on a multi-state manhunt and committed at least four separate murders in Missouri and South Carolina, has finally been captured in Chester County, South Carolina. The crime spree, in which Terry was accompanied by an Adrienne Simpson, also now in custody, began almost a month ago with the murder of Thomas Hardin in South Carolina. Terry was evidently arrested without any further violence.

Manhunt target captured

Adrienne Simpson was caught on May 17 in Chester County after police stopped a car being driven by Tyler Terry. Terry was able to escape from police on foot by fleeing into a nearby forest, leaving Simpson to be captured.

Officers spent the following week scouring the area, warning the public that Terry remained armed and dangerous. Locals were advised to keep doors locked and remain alert while the tense weeklong search progressed.

On May 24 Terry was finally spotted running across a highway in Chester County, bringing hundreds of officers to the patch of woods where he was believed to be hiding. Terry was found lying on the ground with a weapon and was quickly arrested.

The pair are also being charged now with the murder of Eugene Simpson, husband of Adrienne, who was discovered in a ditch in Chester County, having been shot to death.

Thomas Hardin, who according to his friends identified as a woman, was reportedly romantically involved with Terry before becoming the next victim.

After the deaths of Simpson and Hardin earlier this month the two are believed to have travelled to St. Louis, Missouri.captured

Multi-state crime spree ends

In St. Louis Tyler Terry and Adrienne Simpson killed two more individuals in separate shootings and wounded one more in what are believed to have been attempted robberies.

On May 15 Dr. Sergei Zacharev was killed while leaving a local restaurant, just hours apart from the shooting of Barbara Goodkin and her husband.

Barbara Goodkin was killed and her husband was wounded in the attack. All of these St. Louis victims are believed to have been randomly targeted.

After these two shootings Terry and Simpson travelled back to South Carolina, followed there by police from Missouri. Authorities are unsure about potential crimes committed in other states along the way, though it is thought likely that there were more.

The search ultimately involved 300 officers in Chester County and no one else was killed or injured when Terry was finally captured.

South Carolina does, however, allow the death penalty. With the charges stacking up against Tyler Terry it seems safe to assume that capital punishment will be pursued.

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