Former Federal Prosecutor Admits to Trump Derangement Syndrome

The establishment fears Trump more than a child fears the monster in their closet. Left untreated, the syndrome causes panic. He’s looking like the Republican nominee so Democrats and leftists want him jailed. Removed from ballots. Drained in the courts. This weekend, Jen Psaki asked legal analysts Neal Katyal and Andrew Weissman if the trial could be concluded before the election.

Trump Derangement Syndrome causing meltdowns

Katyal cut to the chase, “In the case of this gravity, it should be moving more quickly. And so, to use your phrase, Jen, at the beginning of this show, I am officially now at the freakout stage. I resisted that for a long time, but we are now at the point.” Psaki sympathized with him. “You don’t typically freak out. So that’s important.”

Katyal added, “I think we’re now at the point, to use a different legal phrase, justice delayed is justice denied. I mean, I can’t imagine a more compelling need for speed than the idea that American citizens deserve to know before the election whether a candidate for office is a felon and an insurrectionist.” He thinks it’s an easy case.

Trump can appeal

Katyal lamented, “And Judge Chutkan set a fast schedule here. And I have no idea what the Court of Appeals is doing right now. But I can tell you that I’m really worried that this delay is going to put the trial past June. It’s possible that Trump will try and go to the Supreme Court after he loses on the Court of Appeals. That can take months. This is a real problem.”

What this means is if the trial goes on after the election the establishment media won’t be able to flood the airwaves with their spin. It’s a nightmare for them.

Trump election interference investigation

Currently, Special Counsel Jack Smith’s trial for that is on hold indefinitely. Federal Judge Tanya Chutkan vacated the March 4 trial date, saying the court will “set a new schedule if and when the mandate is returned.”

The appeals court denied Trump’s immunity claims. Progressives are desperate. They don’t want Biden or anybody else to face Trump. Their plan isn’t going their way. Trump can still run for President from jail. When progressives face him, they want the most uneven playing field they can pull off.

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