Watch: Don Lemon and Cuomo Spit Racist Comments, Then Shame People for Having Religious Views

It wouldn’t be the first time Jesus or religious views were mocked and it certainly won’t be the last. Small things you couldn’t have imagined would become political can do so overnight. A medical tool has done that. Now a mask is, among other things, virtual signaling that the wearer cares about others. Those who don’t wear a mask are selfish.  What if those who don’t wear a mask have a science based reason not to?

Religious views have no standing

In a world where man’s science rules. It’s a silly notion that God will protect you from the virus. Christians are being told again that they believe in a fairy tale.

Those who believe in Jesus already know mocking and shaming will happen. The left believes only in themselves. Any other god isn’t worth their time of day.

CNN is no longer a credible news source

Major news networks don’t report the news anymore. It’s made up just to get clicks and views. So anything goes, the more outrageous the better.

The left also has license to be as racist as they want. Their double standard is showing. Ohio state Rep. Nino Vitale is just as Italian as Cuomo. Cuomo is showing his embarrassment at being Italian so he wouldn’t be considered stupid as well.

Many of Trump supporters are religious

Of course it would come around to mocking Trump as well. We shouldn’t think independently. We shouldn’t go against what the state says, even if what we think might make sense.

For those who believe in God, who are religious, we are always taught to pray for our enemies. People can be enemies in many ways. Religious people believe in a higher power, always trying to be the best people we can be. Now how can the left say anything bad about that? Because they’re their own god. It’s all about them.

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