An Avalanche of Lawsuits Against Biden

The Biden administration and the press continue to scream that the virus is being spread by those who refuse to be vaccinated. You can only go so far with this. Businesses forced to comply may very well just close permanently since people, vaccinated or not, aren’t applying. Or is that the goal? If you’re pushing for a New World Order, possibly only particular businesses will be allowed to remain open.

Biden over reach

The federal government has grown far beyond what is was supposed to be. It’s natural this would happen and the reason George Washington said it was a necessary evil and it needs to be kept small.

The Biden team doesn’t think this will hold up in court. There may be at least a two pronged outcome from this anyway. Maybe the fears can be kept going until Biden is in his second term. Another prong might be continuing to label those not vaccinated as the enemy. The more division and distraction, the better. Anybody remember Afghanistan?

The new mandate

The Biden administration implemented a new vaccine mandate for employers with over 100 employees. Dan Crenshaw was incredulous. He tweeted out, “Are you people trying to start a full on revolt? Honestly what the hell is wrong with Democrats? Leave people the hell alone. This is insanity.”

Ms. Crenshaw, there’s a lot of people who would join in that revolt. Even if firearms are somehow confiscated, it isn’t called American ingenuity for nothing.

The Biden vaccine

Ignores those who have had the coronavirus, thus they have their own natural immunity to the virus. This needs to be said louder for those in the back. If you’ve already had it, there’s no need for a shot.

It should also be left up to each individual’s doctor. Congressman Kelly Armstrong (R-ND) tweeted that and if the administration is trying to make people more comfortable with getting vaccinated, it isn’t working. It’s just making people angry.

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