Huge Kyle Rittenhouse News as Judge Delivers

The judge overseeing the criminal trial of Kyle Rittenhouse just delivered a shocking blow to liberal prosecutors. They won’t be able to paint the patriot in a damaging light by introducing irrelevant evidence.

Rittenhouse gets good news

Kyle Rittenhouse, the young patriot accused of killing two Antifa assailants and wounding a third while defending against one of the nightly riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin, got some great news from the judge in his criminal case.

Kenosha County Circuit Judge Bruce Schroeder “rejected two of three efforts,” which the prosecutor made to inject prejudicial evidence. The third is likely to go down in flames, it’s just not official yet.

Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger tried to introduce some damaging and inflammatory evidence calculated to make the jury believe Rittenhouse is “essentially a teen vigilante involving himself in things that don’t concern him.” That’s the linchpin of the government’s whole case.

Judge Schroeder hasn’t decided for certain on whether the prosecution can use “an unrelated video” in the trial but “poured cold water on” their expectations of him allowing it.

The official government version of what happened that fateful night is that Kyle Rittenhouse was a “chaos tourist, drawn like a moth to the flame” to riots. Because “long after the riots” when he was free on bail, the young patriot happened to have a meeting with “leaders of the Proud Boys when he went to a tavern.”

Prosecutors also want you to believe that Kyle “met national Proud Boys leaders in Miami.” How deplorable. He must be a vigilante or plotting insurrection or something. “The defendant, I believe, was drawn to this incident because of his beliefs, which I believe are consistent with those of the Proud Boys.” They could be consistent with Winnie the Pooh too but it doesn’t matter.

Not a shred of evidence

Corey Chirafisi argued for the defense that “there is not a shred of evidence” that the Second Amendment supporter “was ever connected to the Proud Boys.” The judge agreed. “This is not a political trial, this is not going to be a political trial.”

The prosecution is grasping at straws, he implies, noting for the record that “the connection was not relevant and could not be used unless evidence materializes that Rittenhouse met with the group on the night of the shooting.” He didn’t so that’s not likely to surface.

The video which is still under review is “from June 2020 that showed Rittenhouse hitting a girl fighting with his sister.” While Schroeder didn’t outright reject it, “he was leaning against allowing it.”


The video reportedly shows “what appear to be thieves running from a CVS store and stashing items in a trunk.” Lawyers for the state allege Kyle is the unidentified voice recorded saying “Bro, I wish I had my (expletive) AR, I’d start shooting rounds at them.”

Defense lawyers are flabbergasted. “That video doesn’t show anything.” Rittenhouse “didn’t have a gun, he was sitting in a vehicle having a conversation with someone, he never made contact with those people.”

“If you watch the video they don’t even know he’s there. He doesn’t do anything. He doesn’t open his window. He doesn’t honk his horn. He doesn’t insert himself (into the situation). He could have, but he didn’t.”

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