Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie, Here is What We Know So Far

The disappearance of 22-year-old Gabby Petito has attracted a massive outpouring of attention from the American public which has been equal parts concern and fascination given the strange details of the case. Now that Petito has likely been found deceased in Wyoming, the search for her vanished fiancé Brian Laundrie is being handled with increased aggression by the FBI.

Fiancé returns from trip alone

Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie were hoping to launch a career as social media influencers when they began a Summer road-trip to national parks in the American West.

The pair were traveling in a white van, following a popular “van life” trend which recieves an idyllic depiction on their social media accounts.

Beneath this façade things were evidently not so pleasant for the couple. On August 12 they were stopped by police in the middle of an altercation on the road.

Neither party was willing to see the other charged with a crime, though officers had a lengthy discussion with both.

On September 1 the white van appeared at the couple’s home in Florida. It was driven by Brian Laundrie, with Gabby Petito nowhere to be seen.

On September 11 her family reported her missing, having heard nothing from her for well over a week, an uncharacteristic lack of communication.

Gabby Petito likely found deceased

Laundrie and his parents refused to speak to police or the media as the high-profile search effort began; by the time police entered the Laundrie home on September 17 they were told that Brian had not been seen for three days.

With Laundrie now missing as well police were forced to launch a massive search effort in the area of Florida in which his parents reported that he was last seen. This search has found no trace of him yet.

On September 19 authorities discovered human remains in the eastern part of Grand Teton National Park. A full forensic investigation will be needed for confirmation, but the remains are believed to belong to Gabby Petito.

While a cause of death has not yet been determined, Brian Laundrie seems almost certain to have been involved somehow and the search for his whereabouts has intensified.

The FBI quickly obtained a warrant to search the Laundrie home after the discovery of remains was announced.

It seems the investigation has now shifted from aiming to rescue Gabby Petito to instead seeking justice for her tragic death.

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