Fox News Scandal Blown Wide Open…Details Emerge

Left-leaning progressives think they blew open a major Trump scandal after the liberal New Yorker Blasted Fox News, Dating the son of the president paints a big red target on your back and with sexual harassment charges coming out of the woodwork against everyone these days, its no surprise that women are just as vulnerable to opportunists as men.

A $4 million scandal

Pouncing on any opportunity to distract attention from Hunter Biden’s Burisma scandal, the mainstream network media is thrilled to be able to report bad things about Donald Trump Jr.’s girlfriend. Their latest target is Kimberly Guilfoyle. Fox News wrote a $4 million check to settle a lawsuit filed by an anonymous ex-Fox employee. The woman accused the former co-host of “The Five” of “sexual harassment and other inappropriate actions.” Settling a case does not admit guilt or responsibility just that it’s not worth fighting over as any lawyer confirm.

Guilfoyle appears to have given her accuser just enough ammunition to make a valid claim turn into a scandal. Not only is the former Fox host dating Donald Trump Jr., she also has the job of campaign finance chair for the 2020 Trump campaign. Another thing that the lawyers will tell you is that they load up the complaint with everything including the kitchen sink, true or not. That’s so they can ask for the moon and the stars as payment in compensation. While Ms. Guilfoyle was clearly too open about sharing her private porn collection in the office and also had her accuser working in her home at odd hours, it doesn’t mean the sexual harassment charges are true. There’s no doubt that Guilfoyle is comfortably heterosexual so it’s possible the claim may have been the result of the accuser’s advances being refused.

As the New Yorker alleges, the scandal started when “one of Guilfoyle’s female assistants at Fox News sent a 42 page confidential draft complaint to company executives in 2018, which accused Guilfoyle of repeated sexual harassment.” Lawyers looked it over and decided she had enough to settle but not enough to go to trial over. “Fox News paid an undisclosed sum to the woman, who no longer works for the news channel.”

Personal lewd pictures

“Six anonymous sources have come forward alleging that Guilfoyle would show personal lewd pictures of men, with whom she had sexual relations, to colleagues. They have also claimed that she regularly discussed sexual matters at work, and was emotionally abusive toward support staff.” These rumors have not been confirmed but assuming they are true, all it shows is that she didn’t have the best judgment. Those charges aren’t all that serious but they are enough to make network executives extremely uncomfortable and afraid of a scandal in the days of pound me too.

In order to create a big scandal, the New Yorker had to write up all of the unverified fantasies. Nobody is fact checking the liberals when they claim that “the assistant was required to work at Guilfoyle’s New York apartment while Guilfoyle walked around naked, was forced to listen to her speak about her sex life constantly, was ordered to give the Fox News host thigh massages.”

Guilfoyle personally denies all of the scandal, declaring flatly that she has “never engaged in any workplace misconduct of any kind.” she was accused, without any evidence, that she told the employee to “submit” to another “Fox employee’s sexual demands for sexual favors, encouraged her to sleep with wealthy and powerful men, asked her to critique her naked body, demanded that she share a room with her on business trips, required her to sleep over at her apartment, and exposed herself to her, making her feel deeply uncomfortable.”

  1. Oh please! A person you only work with can make you do all that crap and you can’t walk away or refuse or not return to their home? Nice try! How much is this person being paid to try and get to President Trump via Don. Jr. & Kimberly?

    1. I agree. This is hogwash. Kimberly could have her pick of men at any time, why would she harass some goofy female? Me thinks this is someone who tried things on Kimberly and was rebuffed, and since it’s almost impossible to win a lawsuit against the sexually-confused, Fox paid, and let it go. Besides, Kimberly is a Christian.

  2. We could make up some more hilarious sexual stunts but CNN hosts have been doing them all along so there went our fun!


  4. If Fox is stupid enough to allow these w hores wrangle a few million out of them then they deserve to pay. Ever think about firing these lying sycophants instead of the accused?

  5. Me too, and she wouldn’t have to force me too a sleep over. And I would give her a critique on her body any time she asked. This is all BS, once again being pushed by the liberals and the LSM.

  6. Notice that only one person got money, what happened to all the “witnesses”, how come they didn’t try to get money, because like the lawyer said FOX could win in court and they should have gone to court. Because, all they did was give even more men and women the idea that when they don’t want to work any more, they can claim sexual harassment and get millions. At some point these businesses need to stand up and fight if not the least for their reputation and businesses survive on their reputation. Personally the worker should have sued the woman harassing her but notice she hasn’t done that because she knows she would have to really prove the harassment especially since she had “witnesses”. We had a woman sue the place were I worked over new chairs that she claimed hurt her, saying that the chairs were deliberately ordered for her. She lost of course since the new chairs were ordered to make all of us more comfortable which they did She never did any work any ways, she just wanted money, she than retired. My point is non workers will sue using any excuse and when someone sues for something for real, it makes it much harder for them to win because of these actually what are fraud cases.

  7. Anonymous sources should not be believed. There is a new accusation evert couple of fays and there will ne every couple of days

  8. The same type of people that come up with these alleged accusations against FOX NEWS on air people are the same types that come forward with baseless accusations against Supreme Court candidates. Someone is paying them.

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