Joe Biden Removal Looms Large

Joe Biden is as sharp as a bowling ball these days. Even the Hill is admitting that it is clearly time to have a national discussion about his mental health. After laying out a pretty good case for having him removed, they insert their opinion that Kamala would never go for it. Americans from both sides of the aisle are wondering which strain The Hill has been smoking, because pretty much everyone thinks she’s been salivating for the chance to take control. Ever since back on the campaign trail.

Joe Biden evaluation soon

There will be demands for Joe Biden to undergo a mental fitness exam in the near future. Hopefully, conservatives will regain the house and senate both.

If that happens, impeachment proceedings are sure to begin as soon as the election results are announced. If he flunks his mental exam, it will be that much more evidence toward his impeachment.

As The Hill points out, the mental health of Joe Biden is “a conversation the left and the media forced on the public during the Trump administration.

You couldn’t change the station without hearing claims that “President Trump was not mentally fit for the job and needed to be removed from office.” It started the minute he was sworn in.

In January of 2018, “questions about Trump’s ‘mental fitness for the heavy duties of the presidency‘ nudged him to ask his doctor to administer a cognitive test.” The karmic shoe is on the other foot now.

Back then, Democrats were howling for “the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service to provide an overview of the 25th Amendment’s history, purpose and process for removing a president.” Now that they know the procedure, it’s time to use it on Joe Biden.

Joe doesn’t know where he is

While Donald Trump was proven sane, if “unpredictable, moody, temperamental, undisciplined and occasionally downright crude,” Joe Biden got lost on the lawn recently. Joe’s issues are “substantively different.

That’s because we “frequently see him, after he has delivered a speech, wander off as if he doesn’t know where he is or where he’s supposed to go.” Every time that happens, “someone hurries over and takes his arm and points him in the right direction.” Then there is the time he fell off his bike.

There are times when Joe is totally “lucid and in control, but at other times he seems baffled and confused. It’s not unusual to see this behavior in older people, and Biden turns 80 this month.” The big problem is that Joe has his thumb on the big red button.

Not only does he have two more years in this term, he thinks he can get re-elected. Then again, they may have the selection totally in the bag. Who knows?

Under the 25th Amendment, Joe Biden can be removed from office by force if Kamala Harris and a majority of Joe’s cabinet determine that he “is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office,” they can tie him up in a straight jacket and wheel him off to a rubber room. In that case Kamala gets to run the show. At least until all the Senate and House oversight hearings into DOJ and FBI corruption unwind.

The Hill doesn’t think she’ll do it. “More likely,” they think, “would be a full-court press by Democratic leaders to convince Biden not to run for reelection.” That way he can eat ice cream all day and go to jail after the hearings while she runs the show in his place behind the scenes. Now, that makes sense.

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